So do you think we'll see...

  1. a Damier BH in the future? I could really go for that.
  2. That'd be kind of cute, although I'm more on the BV side of things ! :yes:

    I know they originally weren't taking SOs for it earlier because they couldn't keep up with the demand for monogram, but as we're getting more and more new designs out.. well, if a damier one may not be added, the truly serious and addicted at least can order one ! :yes:
  3. It would make a great diaper bag because it so big and the vachette would not be an issue....:biggrin:
  4. Maybe a special order?!
  5. Lockit in damier, now that I would like!
  6. I think they'll make it special order first. It hasn't even been out a year and I'm thinking they're feeling out the market first. That's how they decided to make the Damier Speedy. If they know the bag will actually sell then they'll probably look into making it a permanent addition.