So do you think I've Dropped?

  1. Okay here is my 32/35 week comparison picture. I Knew I dropped, but not this much! This child is literally sitting in my lap!
  2. It definitely looks like you've dropped! But you still look stunning! :biggrin:
  3. looks like it!!

    You're adorable!
  4. You look GREAT!!!! how exciting!! Baby says it is almost time!! :yahoo:
  5. Indeed yes!
  6. Wow you definitely dropped but you still managed to look FAB!
  7. Wow what an adorable pregnant woman you are!
  8. I remember I dropped at 33 weeks. It was sooo noticeable, all the ladies in my childbirth class noticed immediately. Most of them were not as far along as I, and they were jealous when I dropped! *L*
  9. **Hugs**

    Thanks Ladies! You're too Kind (now I know why I hang out here!):wlae: You are a great group of women!

    I could not believe it when I looked in the mirror this morning and saw how low he was! But I went to my Dr. Appt today and I'm not dilated or effaced or anything. He was actually very suprised especially with all the contractions I've been having. He thinks If I am going to go, it's going to be super fast (which makes me soo nervous!) LOL!
  10. Oh, honey! You look so beautiful!
  11. Thank You SunnyFreckles!:balloon:
  12. You are due in about a month, right? How are you feeling?
  13. I'm actually feeling really good, Thanks for asking. I am off bedrest now, and that's awesome! I am due in like 4 weeks. I am going a week early. Just trying to get everything ready now. LOL~I hate prep work!
  14. Well, the best of luck to you! You are almost there!!!!
  15. Thank You Very Much!