So do we know for sure if Neimans and Nordstrom will be increasing prices November 1?

  1. And not tomorrow!?!?! I may wanna buy one more thing before the price increase!!! Ahhh I hope it's not tomorrow :sad:
  2. :confused1: I'm flirting with a I am trying to ignore the rush to beat the increase....but for those trying to get that last bag or two before the increase - good luck and happy shopping.
  3. ahhhhh my head is starting to hurt from all the, "are they or aren't they."

    this really stinks for me bc there are TWO that i honestly cannot chose from.
  4. ^ Buy both and decide at home!!! Then return the one you decide against.

    But did we figure out if their price increases on November 1st? Nordstrom is still open here but Neimans is closed now.