So do I get the first?!?!?!!?

  1. SOOO I'm in a bit of a dilemma.....After using my oval clutch today for my first official outing.....i've decided i'm IN LOVE with this leather even more so then my's more veiny and has more characteristics...AND it got SO soft today from one day of right away I said to myself....i'm buying a first...more than likely in black....SO the only thing that gets me is that on the first are the same price (pretty much) as the city's and SOME I know I want the first...but am having a hard time actually going through with it...also how much does the first retail for at BalNY? Also i've never done the aloharag thing...are their prices cheaper? Please let me know everyone!;)
  2. The First style at BalNY and Aloha Rag are retail $995.

    I would recommend calling BalNY (212)206-0872 as email isn't their strong suit and I would email Aloha Rag ( b/c they are great at answering them to ask if they have a nice, distressed black first.
  3. What year and color is your Day?
    Assuming that your clutch is from 06, you prefer the light, veiny(sometimes), heavily distressed qualities which are the characteristics of most 06 leather.

    If you want your First to have the same kind of leather, I suggest you tyring to locate a 06 left over. I think the best place that would most likely has quite a bit of past season bags is BalNY. First retails for $995 in the U.S. so I think the best thing is to call around BalNY, Barneys, Saks, and Neimans throughout the county to locate past season bags from 06. What color are you after?

    Prices at are fairly expensive. Because they'er located in Japan and the import taxes are high, so are the retail prices over there. But keep in mind that sometimes puts Bbags on sale.

    The prices at AR are the same as BalNY since they're located in the U.S., but they offer free shipping if you purchase more than $500, which is nice. I've heard great things about their service from fellow PFers(never used them before), and BalNY offers excellent customer service as well.
  4. As above...AR's price listing is definitely the same as Bal NY but any spending more than USD500 with free shipping. But Bal NY will charge shippin. Regardin, the pricing varies and i believe the based on the currency rates that they got the u can see some pricing is a bit cheaper than the others.......:smile:
  5. Thanks a lot ladies!! I'll just order form BalNy I love it'll be nice and easy to order!
  6. Both of my o7's have really soft, but "distressed" - veiny/crinkly leather. I absolutely love them - I'm not a huge fan of 'smooth' leather on bbags... so an o7 may be an option for you :yes:

    please posts pics when you get her :yahoo: