SO dissapointed

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  1. I bought a Balenciaga about 4 weeks ago, beautiful black leather bag..

    Now, the leather is already ripped (a tear in the actual leather) and the metal parts are chipping!!

    I'm SO dissapointed about the quality of this bag!

    Cant believe it!:tdown:
  2. A tear? I'm so sorry for this. Could you please post a pic?
    And about the hardware, usually they don't chip, but if they bump onto something a bit of the brass coating could rub off, but that's normal. I actually like it because it makes the hardware look more vintage and 3-D.

    In any case, if you're unhappy with your bag you need to take it back to the place where you bought it from and ask for an exchange or refund.
  3. oh i feel so bad for you :sad:
    do you think you can take it to repair?
  4. OH NO... I own 3 B-bags and have never had any trouble out of them so far. Can you post some photos of it? I hate this so bad for you and know that I would be soooooooooo upset as well, they cost too much for some thing like this to happen. So SORRY that your bag has done this :sos:
  5. That just doesn't sound like a Balenicaga handbag. I am sure the retailer will refund your money if you immediately take the handbag back. Please post photos of the tear in the leather, and the chipping of the hardware. Perhaps we can help guide you through this process.
  6. It MUST be fake or someone is being a little dramatic, metal chipping? They don't even have paint to chip, it's just antiqued metal.
  7. Post the pix. pleaseeeeee
  8. So sorry this happened to you. Hope you can exchange/return it.
  9. So far I have not experienced any of what you have described. Why not bring it back to the shop for an exchange or refund?
  10. hmm..I've never heard or experienced tear..:weird:
  11. Where did you purchase the bbag? If you purchased it at Balny you can send it in for repairs. If you purchased it at a major department store you should be able to take it back for an exchange. Having a bag for 4 weeks shouldn't cause it to have tears and "chipped" hardware (which, btw, seems odd since there is no paint on the hardware?).
  12. Wow, yeah, pics and where did you get it? :sad:
  13. That doesn't make sense... how did it happen? I've had new and used bbags and I've never experienced anything close to this! Can you post pics? Where did you get it?
  14. I've owned quite a few Bal bags and never experienced this problem. Frankly, I think Bal's leather is the most versatile and durable compare to other brands I owned. The worst that happen to my bags is the leather on tassels split off. Can you post pic pls?
  15. No pics? :shrugs: