so disgusted

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  1. Yesterday I saw this on craigslist..
    the seller posted a bluejean birkin 35cm..with lots of detail pictures..front..side..back..inside..everything..
    as I was getting impressed how it's actually possible to find an authentic bag on craigslist..I noticed the pictures were from 2 bags!
    one was tone on tone thread..the other one was the white/bluejean contrasting stitching....guess the seller didn't notice...
    so my guess is..he/she doesn't even have the bag..the pictures were all stolen..:throwup:
  2. yup. that's horrible. some people just have no morals whatsoever.:shrugs:
  3. That's terrible :rant:

    That's why everyone should watermark their picture.
  4. :censor: :mad:

    That is just horrible!
  5. Makes me sick...ugh.
  6. Oh Man....I actually never thought of looking on Craigs List for an Hermes bag....I tell you I only trust people on this Forum and a few very well respected re-sellers - in fact other than directly at the boutique I won't buy from anyone else!

    And Craigs List just gives me the willys.....
  7. And not just because of the fakes... I've read some of the ads on there :throwup: Perverts and wackos.
  8. ewwww:yucky:

    hehe but isn't it intersting how that guy traded a house w/ a red paper clip.
  9. ^ totally. when i first read about it on the fashion mag, my initial reaction - was "ok, dream big". but when BBC announced that he was actually successful a couple days later, i literally almost fell off my chair. the power of the internet!
  10. I'd like to trade a red paperclip for a Kelly bag...anyone interested???? LMAO!!!!
  11. Shoot, I'll even trade TWO red paperclips for a Kelly...:wlae: :wlae:
  12. Ok...What? What? What's all this about a paper-clip and a house???? :sos:

    I'm so missing something.....:shrugs:
  13. :roflmfao: :lol: :graucho: :lol:
  14. shopmom:

    this guy traded a house w/ one red paper clip..took him a year with 14 trades..but he made it..
  15. That's a pretty cool story. I've been hoping I could trade an emerald and diamond ring for something great, but I didn't even know how to get started. Maybe I need a blog.