so disgusted..

  1. i was getting my hair done the other day and i was shocked when i waked into the salon and saw racks upon racks of LV, Chanel, Coach and Balenciaga bags! i thought m dreams had come true, highlights AND a new bag, but as soon as i got within two feet of the rack i noticed that these were the worst looking knock offs i had ever seen! they fet like plastic grocery bags and she was selling the bags from anwhere from $50 to $300! needless to say it ruined my day at the salon!

    have any of you had this experiance?
  2. Hair salons are notorious fake boutiques! When I see them, I pretty much just laugh, but I do hate the people who make them and sell them. And I guess I should reserve some of that for the salon owners who promote the fake industry by purchasing/offering those products in their businesses.:tdown:

  3. ITA!
  4. This happend to me two years ago at a nail place... I turned around, walked out, and haven't been back since.

    Bad fakes are just gross... I wonder if people who carry them know that we know it's a fake and if they care...
  5. i have a friend who bought a fake brown city a year ago at her nail salon. she loved it, even though she knew it was fake. she still spent almost $300!!!! when i showed her a REAL bag, she quickly fell out of love with her fake. 300 hundred bucks is a lot to pay for a fake especially when they never come close to the real thing.:nogood:
  6. How tacky and cheap. How can they get away with that? They are a registered business. They could get the pants sued off them by the bag designers! I would report the store to all the designers of which they are carrying knock-off bags...
  7. yup can't stand it.. my hair stylist is the best.. she has dozens of bags and she has the most amazing collection with a croc Hermes right on top of the heap.. I have not managed to get her on the Balenciaga side though as she prefers more "mainstream" names like Chanel, Loewe and Gucci
  8. :cursing:
    A couple of years ago my husband went to my hair salon to get me a gift certificate for Mother's Day and they had White Multicolore LV bags. He asked the owner of the salon if they were authentic and she assured him yes, and the reason they were so cheap was because they were "one offs". Meaning there was some minor flaw on the bag somewhere, so it was rejected by LV. He bought me a pochette for $380.00, and it was the most horrible fake!!! I felt so bad for him because he was so proud of himself for getting me such a great Mother's Day gift. When I went to the salon and told them all this, she swore she thought they were authentic. I gave her a couple of referances to authenticate the bags, and warned her she could get into trouble whether she thought they were real or not. And yes we got our money back, but it did not make up for how bad my husband felt for buying me a fake!
  9. i've seen fake bags at lots of nail and hair salons here too! and high end boutiques too! I go inside and they have these absolutely awful balenciaga fakes and I just want to vomit. balenciaga never made pink metallic snakeskin for a reason! I never buy from those shops, and have actually told SAs that is my reason when I leave with no purchases also.
  10. yes, I was at the Santa Fe flea market, they were selling fake twiggys for $300. I overheard the salesperson telling a customer that she has a supplier in France that gets her authentic Balenciaga and Hermes and she passes on her savings. Oh, but they were so plastic!
  11. I have never heard of this before. I think I would laugh though and then I'd hug my real one.
  12. Whoa! Trying to pass off fake premium designer handbags as authentic takes the cake, IMHO... :tdown:
  13. OMG this happened by me! It was a really cute nail bar place, I went in there one day and there they were - on a little shelf that surrounded the whole room, the shop wasn't that big so it seemed think they were all looking at me from above! The guy serving me started talking abouth their 'new lines' all excitedly and i said 'you do know they are fake', you should of seen his face! I live in a small town and I think he was banking that know one would know! Well, I never went in their again, and it is closed down now, i think it is an estate agents!

    -What is it with that? don't they knew it is illegal! -They seem so proud!
  14. but what could happen to them if the got caught?