So disappointed!

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  1. I asked for the Damier Accessories Pouch from my parents for Christmas thinking that it would be an adorable little evening clutch type bag. But when I opened it tonight, I was so disappointed! It looks and feels really flimsy and cheap, and I just really don't like it. I feel so bad because my mom had to look everywhere because they were sold out on elux and finally had one shipped from the Tampa LV.

    I'm going to send it back on Tuesday and get the Damier Speedy 30 instead. Even though I already have the monogram, it's just such a nice, big, practical bag.

    Ugh, I'm just really disappointed because the pictures on elux made it look SO cute.
  2. Aww... I'm sorry... I loved the MC Koala Bracelet on eLux, but when I ordered it and received it, it wasn't all that great...

    Hmmm... if your mom asks why you want to return it, I wouldn't say that I didn't like it because it looked cheap and flimsy... I would say that "I feel it might be too small and I need something bigger." :shrugs:
  3. She agrees with me though, lol! When I opened it, we both looked at it and she was like, "I paid $300 for THAT?" The actual bag itself is pretty cute but the strap just looks awful. It looks very unlike typical Louis Vuitton quality.
  4. Well at least y'all are on the same level. I hope the exchange goes smoothly! :smile:
  5. Sorry about your disappointment. Return it and get something you like. When I opened my epi pochette cles box, I thought the same thing, "I paid how much for this little thing".
  6. I'm sorry you were disapointed but I'm sure you're gonna love the damier speedy. I have it and it always looks great (and not cheap at all :supacool: )
  7. i feel the same thing when i bought the white MC pouchette, feel so disappointed, i returned it
  8. wow, that's a bag that is on my list to get as my evening clutch too, is that the one with the brass strap or the leather strap? would you consider a different small damier clutch or recommend one? I see there are a few to choose from and I can't decide. I have the ds 30 though and truly love it, it is my favorite bag! I have only had one other lv though, the mono speedy 30 which I plan on getting again but new this time, mine was bought used and after getting a new ds saw how much fun that was!

    I would love to hear from some others who have a small damier accessory pouch or case as that really is my first choice for an evening bag, so elegant.
  9. aw that sucks that you didnt like it!! But dont worry, when your mom see's how much you love the speedy, im sure the search for the pochette will have cleared up, she wants to see you happy! MERRY CHRISTMAS
    You are soo lucky!!
  10. I just looked on elux and see that there is the accessories pochette and the trousse, one is 8x5 and the latter is 5x6 perhaps but looks more substantial. I saw a pochette on ebay w/ the brass strap being sold by a reliable mprs for 200 something, can't recall.
  11. Sorry to hear you're disappointed with your pouch, but at least the money will go towards a great new speedy...YAY!!! Can't wait to see pics of your new damier speedy...
  12. I'm also sorry to here that from you :sad:
    I hope you would get the perfect LV baby soon and smoothly :smile:
  13. awww. oh least youll be getting some prezzys after christmas!
  14. I got the one with the leather strap that attaches on one end with a gold clasp type thing and just kind of ties around the gold piece at the other end. I don't really know how to explain it, lol. The entire strap is just awkward feeling. Maybe the brass strap would be a better choice?

    Here are some pictures. They still don't do justice to how flimsy it feels in my hand. :sad:
    My beloved Speedy 30 in the background. :heart:

    Anyway, thank you all for the support! I'm actually pretty excited about my Damier Speedy.. I know how much I love my Mono and can't wait to purchase it. I'll be sure to post some pics when I get it!
  15. hi again the pictures are great I can really see what you were describing perfectly. Can you please tell me, can the strap be connected in such a way so as to make it a wristlet? that would be the way that I want to wear it. I wish they made a damier wapity!