So disappointed

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  1. Some of you might know that I appeared to get an ebay bargain alana the other day. Well, it has arrived! However, on opening the box, instead of being elated I was...deflated :sad:
    I knew it was used, and didnt expect a pristine bag by any means, however the leather has got quite a few marks on it, including a big scratch on the back. There are loads of pen marks on the underside of the main flap...but, for me, the biggest issue is the inside! The listing stated 'internally the bag is clean', which it soooooooo isnt! :cry: It has pen marks, 2 big greasy looking marks on the bottom plus a load of dirt/dust/bits floating about it in.... I thought a seller would have at least tipped the bag upside down to get rid of all the bits, but apparently not :shocked:

    I have been trying it out indoors and Ive found that I really, really like the alana style (never had one before) and obviously the ginger colour is gorgeous, but it is just so... battered!

    So, I have a dilemma! I am unsure whether to try and clean it or try and get a refund from the seller? I do realise I got it at a bargain price, but to be honest I would rather pay more and get one thats a bit cleaner! However I know ginger bags, let alone ginger alanas are pretty rare, so I dont know whether I would be silly to let it go??? What do you reckon? I was so looking forward to getting this bag too, it had re-awoken my bag excitement again and now I just feel silly :crybaby:
    Sorry for the essay...
  2. Oh Hula, so sorry to hear this. I think it would be worth contacting the seller. It is clearly not in the described state!

    Would you consider a partial refund? Or would you rather return it?
  3. oh Hula, so sorry that it has made you sad. Im like you, I could never send a bag onwards without giving it a really good clean and wipe inside, so its shocking when you receive a dirty one.

    OK, there are loads of bag clinics that do not charge too much money, and will make it seem nice and prestine again, and it is a rare bag now, as you said at the time.

    Could you email and try to come to an agreement on the cost of the refurb? maybe explain that ofcourse you expected it to have been used, but that you were not expecting it to be this used?

    will have another think, but I have used the handbag clinic before and the bag did come up really well. They can give you a phone quote so that you would know what price you would need to recoup from the seller.
  4. Oh Hula I'm so sorry to hear you have had such a disappointment. I guess the issue is that it is such a rare bag and you might not find another for ages. I think Chloe's suggestion of getting a quote for refurbishing the bag is a very good one and then to discuss that with the seller. However, you need to ask yourself the question, if you manage to clean up the bag (and perhaps treat it to the Lord Sheraton cream that poppy has recommended to remove the scratches), will you still love it under the circumstances. I would think the answer to that will help you make your decision. Either way, good luck and I hope you get it sorted out to your satisfaction.
  5. Hi Hula. Am sorry you feeling deflated about your lovely bargain price Alana.
    I bought a pre-loved black Alana very recently and love the style and size, but i know what you mean about something that's worn....mine is ok really and I like the fact that I can use it without worrying. Also as it was not expensive, I figure it will pretty much hold its value.

    Ginger ones are really beautiful and rare too. Do you think it would be worth investing a little in getting her 'refurbished', then you can enjoy and cherish for years to come? If you still don't feel entirely happy the am sure you could sell her on without making a loss?
  6. I agree with the others. You need to ask yourself if you think you can love it, even if it's cleaned, after knowing what state it came in.

    I'm a bit anal with interiors and hate seeing someone elses dirt inside.

    Good luck with your decision. KLP managed to find one recently so it shows that they do come up and you are always so good at waiting for what you want.
  7. I dont know what to do... the refurb is a good idea, but I dont know if the whole experience has just put me off - instead of feeling good about it I might still just think about the disappointment I felt on opening it... does that sound silly?!:confused1: Ive recently had a bit of good news when it comes to work, and this has just took the shine off it for me... I probably sound like such a baby, but I was quite excited over the weekend and today knowing that this bag was coming and now I feel :crybaby::crybaby:
  8. Sorry to hear about the condition of your new purchase.Personally I'd say cut your losses and return for a refund.
  9. I think if you have to ask, you already know the answer. I've applied this theory to relationships with boys - if you have to ask your friends their opinion on a situation, you actually already know the answer you just didn't want it to be the answer.

    If you return this one, just think how perfect and elated you will be when you find the one you really want.

    Don't settle for second best. Ever.
  10. Sorry to hear about this Hula. I like the idea of a refurb, but I do think that you'd be happier in the longrun getting a refund and forgetting all about this experience! You'll then have the money to put towards a nicer one when it appears, as I'm sure it will.
  11. Oh Hula :hugs:

    I think the refurbishment idea is a really good one, you will be able to send her off and forget about it and then receive her all over again but this time she will be arriving as a new and wonderfully clean ginger beauty!

    They are a rare find and if you got a really good price I personally would either spend some time on her making her beautiful or... most likely send her off to the spa! That way you will have minimal memories of her grubby and she will be given a fresh start! Poor thing is probably dying for some tlc!
  12. Sorry to hear about this sad experience. I'd try to return for a refund. But you must make up your mind if you love it too much, but it does not seem so. There will always be new bags. Good luck with your decision and let us know the outcome...
  13. Just dont be too rash Hula, and sleep on it, thats my advice, but ofcourse email the seller and explain how unhappy you are with the condition.

    Big hugs, its not silly at all to be excited about a delivery :smile: and you have every right to be so dissapointed that it has not worked out how you would expect it to.
  14. I have emailed the seller. I am leaning towards trying to send it back. Although it is a lovely style and gorgeous colour, I dont think I will ever be happy with this particular bag. It would probably sit in my wardrobe unused.
  15. If it was me, I think I'd wait for one in better condition to come along.

    Although a lot of the older bags are rare, they do occasionally appear on Ebay, or maybe a handbag website (although perhaps pricier).

    It's no good if your heart sinks when you take the bag out of the parcel.