SO Disappointed

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  1. Well, went to Neiman today to take back the Sahara City GSH, SA had put the Pourpre PT GSH aside and no City there. There was no other color that interested me there. So they refunded me. At first the SA told me they would mail me a check? Or give me credit? I told her I paid cash? So she sent me upstairs and the Customer service guy ap:sad:ologized and told me no problem. He refunded my cash. I think I will just wait it out till a color hits me. So far I have a Matelasse Black, 2 City RH-Raisin & Cyclade. waiting on the GGH Red Vermillion City from Erica.
    I really want the Anthracite w/GGH, or the Galet w/GGH, I am just stuck on GGH bags it seems I think they are so striking. Does anyone know what the next color combo's may be? And when they are expected to come out? They did have a sort of mustard yellow first there but did not hit me. I just do not want to spend on something that will sit. I have way to many bags especially LV sitting now that I am hooked on these.
  2. I am so sorry that this NM doesn't have what you want. You could check the reference thread of 2010 new colors and decide the color and combo. If this NM doesn't have that particular one, they should be able to check their other stores and mail you one.

    GGH is getting less and rare now. If you want an Anthracite GGH, you should act quickly. I don't think 2010 F/W will have Anthracite color, so your best bet will be the existing stock. Galet GGH will be even harder to get since Anthracite has been made in the past couple years but Galet was only made once.

    Good luck for hunting.
  3. Thanks for the update. I did see one Anthra on HGbags w/ GSH just posted, and also one on Real Deal w/GSH. Will save up my cash and keep searching. Just ask my SA @ NM about keeping a eye open also for a Canard w/ GH or Olive if they come in. Hope she keeps me in mind!
  4. Sorry to hear that:sad:
    My SA at Bal London told me that GGH will only be available in Bal stores from now on. I know they have Galet GGH there now. So if you want a GGH bag, I suggest you contact a Bal store.