So Disappointed......

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  1. I went to NM today to get my HG bag, jumbo Classic Flap in black caviar with gold h/w. It was the last one they had, I looked it over, seemed fine and home I went. I undid it tonight to really give it a good onceover. I pull out the authenticity card-fine-matches hologram, but the hologram area felt a little tacky like the label had gotten slid over a bit. Ok, then I notice on top of bag by where chain comes out a very, very faint "spot", or discoloration-like a purpley/black-not black like the bag-its so minute probably wouldn't show up in a pic, but I saw it. THEN-I pull out the little envelope with the little written history etc and what do I find? Another authenticity card (obviously for another product) along with a receipt in the amt of $225 or something like that (an NM receipt) for some other Chanel merchandise with the customer name etc from Aug of 2007, along with an SA's card stapled to receipt. Then I check out the double C's on front and they're scuffed-not deep scratches-but scuff marks, I tried to wipe it off-maybe it was a smudge-no these are embedded scuffs!!!!! WTH?? The display model looked in better shape! The price tag was removed, but with the bag, but the little plastic ring that attaches the price tag was still on. Some piece of crap person probably bought it, used if for a big occasion and returned it! I am so disappointed-I wish I had seen this in the store but I was so excited I didn't look really carefully. For that kind of money I expect perfection-am I right? I could've gotten one like this on Ebay. I paid by check-will NM refund my money or give store credit? Right now I'm so annoyed I don't even want one now. If I get store credit-they will have to order a brand spanking new one-off the plane from Paris! LOL! If they give me my money back I'll go to the Chanel store in the mall. I'm really pissed at NM. Sorry for this long rant I'm just pissed.:cursing::hysteric:
  2. Aww... sorry to hear this happened to you. I've noticed several bags that def could pass for returns, and NM is very lenient w/ their return policy - not like an LV that checks every square inch. When I get bags shipped it's really a hit or miss, so now I specifically ask for matching auth card, original box (if possible) and ask the SA to check it over for scratches etc.

    You can definitely get a refund, but i've never paid by check at NM b/c I use their card so any refund goes back on the card, so I'm nor sure if they would send u a check in the mail or give u cash (doubtful) on the spot.
  3. I am so sorry. That really sucks they sold you a used bag.
  4. Wow, I can't believe that they gave you a bag that was clearly used by someone else! sheesh you'd think they'll check out the merchandise before selling it:rolleyes:. Please get your money back and go to Saks or chanel and get your bag..
  5. Sorry about your bag. Get an exchange, if not, refund!
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that. Yes, you should bring it back to NM and ask for a refund. This is not some 25 bucks bag we're talking here. You deserve a perfect bag. I'm very picky and anal when it comes to bag. Ask them to give you a brand spanking new *quote from you* or refund your money and get it somewhere else. If NM/Saks does not have a promotion I prefer to buy at Chanel boutique, I think the experience is different and also you get nice packaging with the white magnolia, etc. I think they will able to give you refund when the check is cleared. But maybe some of the tPF-er here could help you about that.
  7. I posted a similar thing about an LV wallet I bought a year ago from the LV boutique. I picked out a wallet and the SA went in back, boxed it and gave it to me. I never thought there'd be anything wrong with it. When I got home (which, sadly is 200 miles away from the store), it was full of someone else's crap —*i.e. grocery store cards, change, etc.

    It was used! $%*(#$%&#*($%$#(*$(#%*$#()*$@^*

    Anyway, because I live so far away, I didn't go back and return it. The wallet (unlike your bag) was in good condition minus all the previous owner's stuff. But boy was I pissed. $700 for a USED wallet. It frankly really still burns me.

    Now onto your situation, if I were you, I would go right back to the store (if it's not 200 miles away) and demand another bag. Say it's used and that you're disgusted. Like someone said, this is no $25 bag. Hope you will do it. Don't be afraid. I'd do it for you if I could, and I'd pitch a really big fit on your behalf!! :smile: xo
  8. a side track of the story:
    what kind of person buy brand new expensive merchandize and use it then return it?! it makes me feel :yucky: !

    you should definitely return the bag and advice the store manager w/ the problem.
  9. I hope you get a nice NEW fresh bag!
  10. If you paid w/ a check, NM will give you a cash refund AFTER 10 days. Sorry about that, get your money from NM and go to the Chanel boutique or Saks.
  11. Get your money back and go to another store. Because that is SHADY that they just stuck the bag back in their stocks and didn't really check the return the first time. (I mean, a receipt in the pocket is pretty obvious!) I'm pretty confident that they will give you your money back, you should also say something to the S/A and/or manager -because that would be horrible if they just put it back on the shelf for someone else to buy. Good luck, and hope everything works out!
  12. Thanks for all your advice, I am usually in the LV forum and you all are just as nice as my other "peeps"! I will go back on Friday (my next day off) and return the bag for a refund. I think the bag will speak for itself! If they can order me a "brand, spanking new" one in a few days, fine. Then I'm gonna go over it with a fine tooth comb there and then. I am trying to beat the price increase so I can't wait 10+ days for a refund to buy a new one. (don't even ask about credit cards :0 ) I'll have to really look at finances to see if I can lay out another $2800 (tax incl), at the Chanel boutique in the mall, til the refund check comes in, if not, I'll just deal w NM to fix this situation. Believe me, they will hear about this!
  13. this is a good lesson for not buy and return bags! because at some point someone will get the used bag and that's no fun. :hrmm:
  14. That's very disappointed to hear, get it refund and go to a Chanel Boutique instead.

    Seriously, I can't understand why some people don't like the bag they bought but still use the bag (like as if they like them) and after few days (maybe) then return it to the store. Can't they just put the bag back into the original packaging and then return the bag asap.
  15. I'm always amazed that this can happen, I mean don't they even check the bag to make sure it was not damaged? If they did they would have found the other persons "stuff" in there. That's just nasty, sorry it happened to you. It's such a turn off.

    I see you're from NJ (I'm NJ too), was this the NM in Short Hills? I'm sure they will refund you the way you paid. Try the Chanel boutique in that mall, that's where most of my Chanel items come from, the staff is friendly, and they usually have a good selection.