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  1. i was reading through the threads and catching up on bbag information, and came across the jim long thread. i am so sick knowing that a place i come purely for knowledge on bbags could start such a ruthless/unwarranted thread. i am in such shock i don't even know what to say other then i am so sorry jim. if that was me i would be crying in a corner and upset that people over the internet had nothing better to do then pick on me, i was picked on in highschool so this def. hits close to home. i am sure jim felt ganged up on because really who wouldn't!? put yourself in his shoes!!!!! anyways i have said my peace and i wouldn't have started a new thread to say this but all the other ones got closed and i feel the need to say something. i will no longer be able to feel fully comfortable here knowing that some people aren't here just for having fun and talking about purses.:tdown

    *ETA- to the mods, i understand you have closed the previous threads, but just like they did, i too felt a need to say something!
  2. Starting a thread about this is absolutely ridiculous, the others were closed for a reason!!!!

    You all have completely overreacted!!!!!

  3. Maybe youre the one overreacting
  4. I don't think so dear.
  5. of course you would be the first to post something! i noticed how many times you posted in jim long thread too, you must like being rude to people and making them feel unwanted.
  6. Hey, seriously, this is not the forum for bickering. If you have a problem or something to say to another tPFer, say it through private message. This is a drama-free-bag-loving area. Keep it that way.
  7. of course, horrible me. How do I ever live with myself. YOU GIRLS ARE LAUGHABLE!!!

    What is rude is the fact there are a majority pf pfers who believe something and playfully addressed it. YOU ALL made this so dramatic, it's gross. YOU ALL!!!

    I don't belive JL is a man and neither do a majority of pfers. It's FUNNY, NOT MEAN!

    GET OVER IT!!!

    ah, now I said my peace.
  8. :huh:you know? From a Mod's/Admin's POV, it's very disrespectful to start a new thread that's been closed talking about the very same topic.:tdown:
    See the drama it created?
    I'm sure you meant well, but bad decision. . . .:closed:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.