So Disappointed!

  1. I hope this is in the right place since it's about jewelry..?

    I was in Neiman Marcus a couple days ago and purchased a gorgeous Chanel logo necklace. It is silver with small rhinestones and larger black stones. The cost was about $560 after tax. I wore it the next day, only for a couple hours. Then yesterday my friend was over and wanted to see it...she turned it over and told me that one of the black stones were MISSING. :sad: I was so disappointed! I know this happens from time to time with jewelry, but I only wore the necklace one time and from Chanel I didn't expect this to happen. I'm not really sure on the policy for exchanges or anything, but I'll have to figure something out. Does Neiman Marcus do exchanges for Chanel items? Has anyone had any experience with that? I guess I just wanted to vent a little...
  2. I am sure it is under warranty. Why not go back to NM and ask for an exchange? *HUGS*
  3. there's no problem. . . NM will gladly exchange or refund your $ if you take it back w/ the receipt:yes:
  4. yeah, bring it back for exchange. sorry about the happened
  5. sorry to heare that happen to you, es. when it cost alot of $
  6. I'm sure you'll be able to get an exchange.
    Some Chanel costume jewelry are fragile and some even look cheap.I felt the weight on one of the necklace with faux pearl and it seemed totally plastic.
  7. Sadly that is not uncommon. They are pretty gracious about returning or repairing it though.
  8. Oh no!!!! I would've cried and had a panic attack right there! But thankfully NM will definitely fix that for you! Take it back to the store~
  9. I think you'll be able to exchange it even or get a refund.
  10. Sure you can exchange it! Where is the quality nowadays??
  11. sorry to hear that! I hope you can get them fixed or replaced...good luck!
  12. It happens. Most shops will either exchange a new one for you or have it repaired.

    I bought a very expenisve chain belt three years ago and the pendant fell apart!!! I had only worn it a few times. I had to pick up the different pieces from the ground and taped the bits together before I took them to the shop. The belt was sent back to Paris for repair (at no cost to me) and I patiently waited for 6 MONTHS before I got it back. It's in perfect condition now but since then, I have been very careful each time I use it. I love the belt to bits so six months is worth the wait!
  13. u should be able to bring it back and get another one with no problem.
  14. custom jewls don't always last long, but to have missing stone after one use is definitely unacceptable. I'm sure NM can either exchange or repair if you don't want the refund :flowers: