So disappointed!!!

  1. Ok, so I go to LV today to pick up a longer strap for my baggy GM. I ask again about my heart kechain that I've been waitlisted for. I saw a TPFer say how they just got the last one and there are none anywhere. So I ask my SA. He told me doesn't know what was going on with them. He said they only got maybe 1 or 2 of every color and that was it. So even if I had waitlisted for it in the beginning, unless I was number 1, I was out of luck:crybaby:. I want one but not enough to spend the crazy amount It's just so cute
  2. Sorry to hear they're that limited :sad:
    My SA was also lamenting that they had such a long list and people were calling and she had to keep saying no. They have no idea what's up with the supply :sad:...I was lucky #4 on the list and mine was the last piece they ever got in to-date and that 3 weeks ago!
  3. I'm sorry to hear that, I also wonder sometimes why the supply is so limited.
  4. Sorry to hear that :sad:
  5. Wow. I'm sorry, I agree with you that they're soooo cute! But, there will something else... don't cry....:heart: :crybaby: :heart:
  6. I am sorry to hear it, too. but maybe just maybe they will do something else for V-day next year since it was so popular this year? If it's any help, I was waitlisted too, and didn't get one. I don't want to pay the prices on eBay. oh well
  7. im sorrrrry to hear so dear ... hope u find one sooon :smile:
  8. Sorry - my store also only got one of each color in. I understand limited editions, but this is just a little crazy.
    I hope one turns up for you.
  9. It is a very cute item, I'm hoping there'll be more of something similar in the future.
  10. you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right that this is too crazy! When I was at LV last time I said How I hate how this company jerks us around..our own fault of course but dang, they shouldn't make EVERYTHING this hard to get! (miroir, coin heart purses, v-day envelope, azur, and now this keychain!)he can't get enough mono riveting for people either

    sorry to go off but it is so annoying!

    I wonder though...would we want it so much and would we get it, if everyone could:sweatdrop:

    either's a game..and i'm addicted!
  11. That's so depressing to hear that you weren't able to get a heart purse. :sad: I am really sorry. The bright side is now you have even more money for something else. :flowers:
  12. I guess (oh god, hope I don't get flamed).. will leave shortly..haha... when they start making LV in India, they'll be enough to go around.... duck...:hysteric:
  13. Sorry to hear about that... I hope you do find one though. ;)
  14. Sorry they didn't have one for you, hopefully one will become available, too bad they seem to be so few.
  15. I'm sorry you didn't get it my store only got 3 too I never realised when they first came out how limited they where