So disappointed with Gucci SA!!!

  1. So...

    I went shopping on boxing day (december 26) at the Gucci store and I fell in love with the Gucci Princy Hobo in Black Python ( didn't take much because i've been looking for python for so long!) anyways...I asked the SA to place the bag aside for me because I was getting it for sure the next day. anyways i called the next day and talked to her and she was like "uh uh uh" finally she blurted out that she didn't have the bag anymore! I was like "ok where is it cause I want it!" and shes just like "uh uh we had to send all our sale stuff back east..." and then she quickly threw in " I can get it back if you want it" and of course I told her to get it back! I was so mad! I told her I was coming back! So then my next question is...will the item still be on sale when it gets back to me? because when I saw this bag it was $2,000+ marked down to $1,260!!!

    Please please please be on sale!!! (I already bought a black python bracelet and black swarovski encrusted Christian Louboutin shoes to match!)
  2. Yikes, sorry to hear. I'm sending you good sales vibes :smile: I'm salivating just thinking about that bag with those Loubs.. hot, hot, hot!!! I hope you get the bag soon.
  3. Bummer!!! When did she say you would get it?
  4. Hope this works out. Keep us updated.

  5. She said sometime next week! So i'm keeping my fingers crossed till then!:sweatdrop:
  6. You should definitely be able to get it at the sales price. It is the SA's mistake. You asked her hold it for you and she should have, talk to the manager about the situation if this SA won't give you the discount. In my experience, large stores usually honor discounts in situations where they are at fault. Good luck!!! :smile:
  7. Thanks
  8. That is SO crappy to have happened! I can never rest comfortably having ANY sales person hold something for me but sometimes you have to. Unfortunately this happens :sad:
  9. .... I know this sounds obvious but you shoukd just call and check what the price will be. SO annoying - surely she know it would be sent back that day???? Strange...
  10. I thought about calling the SA to make sure that the item would still be the sale price but then my friend said that since it was marked down as a sales item then it would stay at the sale price. (I'm trusting her because she shops at Gucci a lot!) Also the SA did not mention anything about a price change so i'm hoping that it won't! Its technically sunday so maybe i'm going to call her today to double check on the situation!

    It would just seem to be ridiculous to pay full price after you have seen the item marked down to almost half price! So I already decided that if this happens then i'm just going to pass on this bag...

    My friend initially thought that the SA sold the bag and told me that it was sent back east but then she called her SA and she confirmed this! Some companies don't notify their employees about sales beforehand so maybe this is what happened???
  11. Until you get it I would go under the assumption of it being at the same price, just in case. But you could ask... if it were me I'd just make it out to be the price never changed because of the severe inconvenience to you that it should be the same as you were to get it the next day and you called them about it promptly! But I don't know... I'd also be paranoid just in case. Maybe call a different location and make something up and see what they say so it doesn't effect -your-situation at the other Gucci location. Like ask about the sale items or maybe your specific item, I'm not sure. It's tricky in a way but maybe not. Hopefully it will all work out, good luck!!
  12. Adore, I agree with you because she didn't say anything i'm going to asume its the same. I will give you a update when it gets here! Thanks
  13. UPDATE:

    So the SA has called me and she said that the bag has arrived and i'm supposed to pick it up! Now i'm really flustered because i'm stuck between two bags! See my other post:

    Please give me some advice i'm so torn about which bag to get!

    Ohh and 1 more question: If I do buy the Gucci Python Princy then will I be able to return it if i change my mind? How long of a return policy does Gucci have on sales items?
  14. Will that LV be around for a while? Maybe get the Gucci now for the sale price and then get the LV later on?

    I didn't even know about that speedy, it's interesting. I like the Gucci a bit more only because all those colors in the LV seem like a bit much. I like the simple solid monogrammed LV bags, not so much colors like that one. It's a bit flowery and reminds me of a sundress or something. It's a tough decision!!
  15. that is a bummer, but at least she got it back!