So disappointed with Bleecker purchase

  1. I received my two purchases this week--one is a PCE discounted signature Legacy (which is thumbs up) and the other is a Bleecker leather zip hobo. I was so disappointed when I opened the box. It was in no way the same as the picture in the website which gave me the impression of a supple, soft, shiny leather. Even the color was off. The British tan looked more like a matte earth clay one. It was not supple at all, more like a thin piece of cardboard with a very oversized shoulder strap which made it hard to open it as the strap was so heavy and kept pulling the whole bag down. I was expecting something more breathtaking, something along the lines of their old soft duffles. I didn't even take pictures anymore and just put it back in the box to return it. Oh well, I guess it's a good thing, too as i save some money. But I still threw away about $20.00 in shipping fees.

    Here is the bag I'm talking about.

    Funny thing is the only thing I loved in the bag was the lining!
  2. I'm sorry you didn't like your bag. It's so disappointing when a bag doesn't meet your expectations. Seems like the whole Bleeker line is getting mixed reviews.
  3. I also likED the zip hobo from the picture but once I saw it IRL, I was disappointed. The website pics can be so deceiving at times. :push:
  4. I'm so sorry you didnt like your Bleecker either!!!! That bag looks sooooooooo adorable on the website! BUMMER! BUT at least you LOVE your legacy!!! Post some modelling pics for us!!! CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!!
  5. AWW that sucks that you don't like your Bleeker. I have not seen this one in real life, but the duffles do have that nice soft leather, I wonder why this doesn't:confused1: That seems odd to me.

    I am glad that you like your legacy though and I agree, PICs of Legacy please:yes:
  6. The bleekers seem to be the kind of bags that one must see IRL before making a decisions about purchasing. I wouldn't have bought the bag I have now just by stock photos but when I saw it in person I fell in love with it. Too bad you didn't get what you expected. I'm glad you like the Legacy bag though!
  7. oh i just went to the coach website to look at the hobo and I adore it!! It's so sad to hear you didn't like it. I'll have to check it out in person. enjoy your legacy!
  8. Yep, you really have to check it our first IRL. I fell in love with the website picture but the real one is nothing like it (JMHO). I think the lighting they used with picture added sheen to the leather but the actual one is flat and dull, pretty much like a clay pot:sad:
  9. I agree w/you about the color and sheen of the hobos...I saw them at the store and didn't care for them. They don't look anything like their website pics, IMHO....:sad:
  10. I think this is one of those bags that needs to be "broken-in."