So, disappointed, my son's present is damaged!

  1. I ordered a wooden fire station for my son - it's a firehouse with a fire truck and accessories. it's his BIG present. Of course, it needs to be assembled, so while he's taking his nap I decided to take it out of the box and put it together. It arrived about 5 days ago, but its' the first chance I've had to really dive into it.

    Well... it's missing all three sections of the roof and the ramp leading to the firehouse for the fire truck to drive in. I can return it, that's no problem, but... now I have NO REAL PRESENT FOR HIM!!!! Just small stuff. I know he won't care as he's 2 and a half, but I CARE!!!! UGH!!!! And last week I had to return a coat because they labeled it wrong (the bag and hang tag said the larger size, but the actual coat was tagged and is a smaller size). It's more work for me TOO! WAH!!!

    man.... now what?
  2. Sorry! Is there a local store you can return it to or does it have to be shipped?
    Perhaps you could keep the toy to give to him and just have them send replacement parts.
    I would call them and see if they can expedite shipping-- maybe send you a new toy and then you can send the current one back.
    Like you said, he won't even know but at least for your sake you can call and see what the company is willing to do.
  3. Maybe you could wrap a picture and tell him that it is being specially made for him but it was not ready by Christmas. Do you think he will understand??? Man I have no idea.
  4. Call the store and demand overnight shipping for a new one.
  5. No, I bought it from eBay. The guy is a big seller and has a return policy (I made sure of it before buying), but it means there aren't any more sets and there was probably a reason he got it for cheap and sold it cheaper than can be found elsewhere. My guess is that it was a store return, and DOY! There's a reason it was returned. He sold like four of them, but this was the one that he said was NIB and everything perfect, NOT!!!!

    Sigh.... I've always had good experiences with eBay. It was bound to happen one of these times that I would run into a snag!
  6. It was still $109 shipped though, so not cheap!
  7. Here's what it is. The three black roof pieces are missing and that little ramp block piece to the firehouse for the firetruck to drive up is missing.

    I just checked FAO Shwarz to see if they have more? And NOPE sold out... so that's not even an option. DRATS!!!
  8. Does the roof hold the building together?
  9. No the roof is purely decorative, but I still would want a refund or to return it. I just looked. The guy sold five of these. One had a few scrapes, but otherwise (at least he said so) was perfect. it went for $90. Three had significant things missing - connectors missing from a set only sold for $9.99. A set with a missing wood piece sold for $4.99. Another didn't have teh fire truck and sold for $20. Mine was supposedly all there and no damage and sold for $91 plus $17 shipping. FAO Shwarz sells this set for $175. NO ONE would want to keep a set that is missing so much. Plus, a fire station without a roof????
  10. Well, the seller is having UPS pick it up on Friday and I'll be refunded by Wednesday of next week... Sigh... I'm glad I get my full refund, but no present. Oh well... he didn't "need" it anyway, right?
  11. Berry, don't be too down. Your son is 2 1/2 -- if he's anything like my godchildren, he'll be ecstatic with ANYTHING. Aaron and Sarah had hours and hours of fun with racer balloons that I put into their Halloween treat packs. They called to request more. It's a $0.99 item. This year, the big hit at their house for their birthdays? Flashlights. Aaron also got a Batman doll, which he asked for, but he ended up being FASCINATED with the box that Batman came in.

    All in all, you're really beating yourself up for nothing. Your son will enjoy whatever he gets.
  12. ^--- Aaron & Sarah are 3 1/2, BTW. And in true toddler form, they are fascinated by anything and everything. Big, fancy toys and puzzles? GREAT! Cheapo $0.99 beach balls? Equally great.

    Don't let this little thing get you down, because it certainly won't make a difference to your son, Berry.
  13. did you call any of the FAO schwartzes?