So Disappointed in the Mount Street

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  1. So, I got a chance to try on the Mount Street because it WAS one of my UHGs. It fit beautifully, but. Yes, there is a but. The ankle strap is way to small. it practically cuts off your circulation. I think Carlinha tried it on too, and it was tight for her as well. Even if the cobbler punched another hole in the strap, it would still be too tight, because it's too short.

    Anyone else disappointed?:crybaby:
  2. Aw, sorry DC!! I haven't been able to try this shoe on, but I really love it,and was seriously debating on making them mine. So yes, hearing that makes me a little disappointed. I wonder why he made the strap so small.....
  3. I had the same problem with the Rodarte shoes. I tried on a 39, which is a whole size and a half up from my true US size and there was no way in hell I would have been able to buckle the dang things. Do they make these shoes for people with skeletal legs???
  4. Oh no! It's like the skinny boot shaft issue!
  5. I wonder if Victoria Beckham was his ankle model when making this shoes.... I mean I have pretty small ankle and felt like the jaws of life was overtaking.
  6. do they measure just skinny feets from the top models :confused1:
  7. :nuts::tup: You were quicker in thought
  8. Thanks for sharing the info regarding the MS. It was the one shoe for SS09 that I was looking forward to. Now I know what to expect.
  9. So sorry that it doesn't work out for you! Honestly I also have very small feet/ankle, but sometimes when I'm trying CL shoes, I do have a feeling that I have BIG feet!!!
  10. wow, that sucks :sad: i really liked that shoe too. and i agree gemi, whenever i try on CL's and buy them, I feel like i've got big feet too, i get a complex from it!
  11. Aw, I'm very disappointed! I love that shoe and hoped it would go on sale. :sad: That really sucks.
  12. yeah they were MAD tight, cutting off my ankle... i could BARELY get the last hole through the buckle... and i don't think i have thick ankles either!!!

    i think this will severely limit who ends up being able to wear these, unless they realize how short the strap is and change it for future shipments

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  13. thanks for the heads-up DC & carlinha! they sure are gorgeous though! :love:
  14. I'm so sad they didn't work ... They look so gorgeous on!
  15. Damn, for what they cost they could've at least made the strap longer, that way people with average sized ankles could wear them, lol!