So Disappointed in service

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  1. Hi all,

    Not sure if anyone of you encountered their delivery service.
    Messed up big time!
    I ordered a Gaufre' tote (BN1788) on Thurs late night almost 11pm online.
    And on Monday (26th sep) Prada email me to call their customer service to verify my shipping address and particulars.

    On tuesday I received a tracking number and said to be delivered on 28th Sep! I should be happy rite? But man, I was so wrong! The shipping destination is to Philadelphia! Which is so far away from my actual destination!!!!!
    So what's the point of the address upon order online and 2nd confirmation of my address?
    I called Prada and they told me it's the warehouse problem, getting the address wrong! What? From such a premium brand, I get this kind of issues? I have to call prada, call fed-ex, call prada again! I am so upset abt my package right now.
    Previous order from LV even Kate Spade, I don't have issues at all with the delivery. If I don't call Prada, I don't think they will even realise!
    Prada refused to do anything extra except rectifying the address! Talk about customer service! Even Kate Spade will offer 15% discount of my next purchase. Well I definitely don't expect that but at least they can help me get the tracking asap. They told me to call Fed-ex myself and expedite it! If not wait till the next day to get the updated tracking information. WHAT?????

    I should have second thoughts ordering from because I saw a You-tube review saying their delivery is not as great. But that came too late for me as I already ordered my bag online :sad:

    So just posting to future purchaser from Prada, consider carefully if you want to purchase online.
  2. keep us posted and hope to see reveal too... sorry about their crappy services
  3. Sure! Will post on the update on the tracking as well! :smile:
    Feeling much better ranting
  4. I have experienced the same bad service with - seems like the Prada companies don't care that much about their customers...
  5. aside from not being able to afford new, this is why i shop for pre-owned.

    sorry they were so rude :tdown:
  6. Sorry to hear about the complications with your order. Could be an issue with the delivery courier service and not necessarily Prada?'s online store seems a bit buggy though, so it could be technical issues too getting your address wrong.

    I ordered a gaufre some time ago and a few days later I was notified my order was cancelled due to the item being out of stock even though the store let me place an order. Later I ordered another bag from them and delivery by DHL was very fast (just 2 days from Italy to Finland!). Everything went smooth even though I wasn't able to provide as
    precise locative information as I'd have wanted. The order form address fields are a bit frustrating - pretty much any additional info seems to exceed the form's character limit. I'm not sure if the delivery instructions field's contents even reached the courier because he had to call me for delivery instructions. :/

    P.S. I hate their crappy Flash site (well, pretty much ANY Flash site). :smash:
  7. ThingumyPoppy,
    Sorry to hear abt your experience with miu miu too.
    I am kinda upset again today!

    Thanks for the concern.
    I dun mind pre-owned but it's so difficult to find! Like authenticity, etc. :sad:

    Kinky Kitten,
    The issue is with Prada. They acknowledge is the warehouse personnel, got the wrong address and send it off :sad:
    Glad you got your bag! So envy!!!
    I am now waiting and waiting

    And latest update!
    The item was delivered to another customer!
    Prada rep called me and said they have to wait till the other customer who accepted my bag to call/email them back!
    So it's a waiting game! I asked what if the customer did not reply or return the bag any alternative plan? And they said worst have to refund my money and I have to re-order again!!!!!
    What!!! My credit card was deducted and bag is with another client! What can be worst!
    I told them if they can just send me my bag and they declined.
    I have to re-purchase everything again.

    I have to say that's my worst online purchase experience ever!
  8. personally i would demand they cancel and refund you immediately or just do a chargeback with your cc company. what if the other person doesn't send it back----- wth are they thinking!?!?
  9. i agree with poopsie2; you shouldn't have to be hassled this much. shame on prada's customer service.
  10. Dear all,

    I am crying out loud when I am typing this.
    Please help me or any advice appreciated.
    I called Prada to just refund me the money and I will re-purchase everything.
    However, the Rep said that a Return Label was sent to the Lady who got my bag. And the return label was addressed ME!
    How can the process be this? I tot the bag should be sent back to Prada and then they send me a new bag? No that is not the case.
    Now my $1195 was deducted in my bank acc, no bags. I am now under the mercy of the other lady who had my bag.
    They said that they can't cancel my order as I AM getting my bag. When? Not sure. All depends on the Lady when she decides/free to drop of my bag.
    I asked them how long do I have to wait. They said they did not give the lady any grace period.
    So Prada is now washing hands in this matter. As long as they don't get the bag back, they won't refund MY money.
    I told them to send me another bag and they refused also. I told them once I receive the extra bag, I will send it back to them, they refused.
    I am extremely upset, no where else to ventilate and that's supposed to be an anniversary present from my husband :sad:
    I asked to speak to higher management who can make decision and unfortunately, it will still be the same.
    I just have to wait and wait. Til when? Not sure.
  11. That is absolutely ridiculous! How dare they make you pay for their mistake. And now you are supposed to be at the mercy of some unknown lady who may or may not keep your bag and on your credit card too! Definitely call your credit card company and make them take off the charge, it's their mistake not yours! They shouldn't make you pay for it! Call a lawyer and see what your legal rights are in this situation!
  12. I'm in complete shock :wtf:

    How does a company such as Prada have such crappy customer service? Don't worry OP, if you don't receive your bag soon, file a chargeback with your credit card company/bank. They will get your money back. :hugs:
  13. Dear pellarin22, sanatra & fellow PF who are concern abt this matter,

    Thanks for the reply.
    Here's the update that I think will shock most of you.

    I am so desperate that I saw the other lady's phone number on her return label.
    I called her and apologized for the abrupt call because I am at wits end.

    She explained to me her side of the story, here's what she told me:
    Apparently, she ordered Miu Miu sunglasses. She signed for it thinking that was her package and how come such a big one! (I can totally understand her excitement)
    Then she tried to call Miu Miu a few times and no one can tell her how to solve the issue.

    Then Prada contacted her the matter, said they send her an email and attached a return label.
    She said she did not receive anything! At first I tot the return label I received was a CC copy but no! Miu Miu send the email to me not her! Another error!!!
    Poor lady has to stop her work, call her husband print the return label and send it to her.
    Tear off previous label, re-attached, drop off at Fed-ex or call Fed-ex for pick up.
    She said she should not be the one doing all this! Prada has to arrange Fed-ex for a pick up etc. But since she *signed for it* she should return it!
    Apparently, she told me she was 'threaten' by Prada to do the return or they are going to charge her credit card for $1195 since there's her signature!
    She's so upset about their service too!

    But I am glad she is so understanding!
    She called me later today and updated me that Fed-ex will pick up the parcel at the end of the day.

    So I am waiting. But glad I know such a kind person existed.

    I wanted to post in Prada's FB page!! What you all think?
    Or does anyone know who I can feedback such matter to? Higher management or anyone knows the Director's email?

    Appreciate any inputs! :biggrin:
  14. OMG, this is crazy!!! My issue episod with miu miu was about the same, it took almost 2 month to get right...

    About your legal rights, I live in Sweden and is also a law student and think it's the same rule in Finland; except from talking to the cc company to cancel the transaction you can give the seller a last date as you accept for delivery, which could be like a week from the original delivery date, if you don't have your bag by then you have the right to cancel the order and get your money back right away.

    Cancel only through the cc company could be a problem though; if you have order the bag the bank has no right to give your money back if you can't show legal circumstances as you confirmed the transaction at first and Prada has the right to the money... It's really a mess!
  15. BTW, when i I ordered from MM they called me and said everything was ok and that all My things, 2 bags, a wallet and bracelet, should be shipped out that very day. But nothing happend and one week later I saw on my bank account that my money was back and the order was canceled! I placed a new one, nothing happend, same all over again.

    So I bought it all from other stores. Then 1 MONTH later a package shower up at my door, which I had not paid for. Stranged I thought and tried to reach miu miu client service, which never replied to none of the five messages I sent them. A few weeks later more than 2000 dollar was charged on my card!!!

    Still no answer from miu miu and the bank couldn't do anything since I did place an order at the company more than a month ago...

    Of course I send the package back but then I had to wait another 30 days to get my money back!!! Even though they did wrong! Crazy. And then the currency of the euro change so I lost a lot of money... And because of the sudden cc charge my account was out of money a few days before I noticed what miu miu done, so I also had to pay fees to the bank for having an over charged account!!!

    Totally insane. Never using prada's webshops again!