SO disappointed in pomme agenda!!!

  1. i received my pomme agenda today- and there's slight imprints around the center lv. it's like something was placed on it for too long. they;re faint, certainly, but i can see them. the color is beautiful, but... how is elux for returns when the item is 'defective'? :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Send that puppy back!!! They'll take it back without question, as it's brand new.
  3. Just call them and tell them it is defective...they will give you an $8 credit for return shipping since the item was defective. As long as the item was not used you will have no problems.
  4. ^^^that's good, back it goes....get a ood one, they're so pretty!
  5. That's the problem when buying online. You should return it and they should do a quick exchange for you too.
  6. Oh no..sorry that happened to you, yes I agree , exchange it..
  7. i would send it back...if you spent good $$$ on it, then it should not be all imprinty
  8. I would return it as well... :s
  9. Oh, no! Send it back!
  10. Get a perfect one. The pomme products seems to be showing up with a lot of problems lately. Don't be afraid of telling that you're unhappy with the product. For the price, it should be perfect.
  11. thanks- i was so excited, then so let down.
  12. You must return it since it is not perfect in your eyes!!! That was what I had to do with my Pomme Brentwood I just bought last week because the finishing on the top was just sloppy; I noticed it after I came down from Cloud 9 and truly inspected the bag. Now I have to wait for my replacement since no LV store around my area has any left! GRRRR!

    I hope you get your replacement right away!!