So disappointed in Chanel

  1. This is one of my first posts here and I just had to vent. I have been lusting after a Chanel classic flap (black, large, caviar leather, silver hardware) for a long time now and my sweet husband went and bought me one as a surprise for Christmas (way out of our budget, we are newlyweds and just bought a house). Unfortunately, the one he bought had some small nicks in the caviar and I was afraid they would grow into bigger rips and so I was afraid to use it and returned it for another. Needless to say, my husband's feelings were a little hurt, but he wanted me to be happy. I took it back to the Saks here in Philly where we live, and they told me they were out of stock and would get me a new one as soon as they came in. Well, I went back on Dec. 27th and today is Feb. 2 and they still didn't have one. I know they need to restock after Christmas, but this is getting ridiulous. I have called the SA every week and he says "soon". Plus, we are almost at the 60 day return point and I didn't want to be left without being able to return it. So today I went to NM here in Philly, carefully checked 3 bags, and selected one to bring home. However, when I got home I realized this one had the same little rips down the side (it's so hard to look closely in the store when the salespeople are breathing down your neck!) I was so excited to get this bag, but it's been over a month since I got it and haven't been able to use it and my husband is so upset and so am I. What was once a wonderful surprise has turned into a fight and it's turning me off Chanel. The problem is, I still love the bag! But I can't justify spending $2350 on something that already is damaged when you leave the store.

    Not sure what response I am looking for, just wanted to vent my frustration.
  2. I shop at both those stores......If u need a reliable SA,PM me....I have some good ones that will help u get a PERFECT bag!
  3. I think you should expect a perfect bag. I would go ahead and return the bag you have so you don't pass the time limit. Then I would order one from an SA recommended on this forum. Since you know what you want, it is easy to get from another store, not just your local store.
    I hope you get your bag soon. I would be very frustrated having to wait. When you get the bag, I am sure you will love it!!
  4. rips? I haven't heard that before. Forget the poicy, if there's a defect that should be null I'd assume, especially if the dept manager is aware of the situation.
  5. Id return that faulty bag and just get a store credit issued until the new ones come in.dont wait for the 60 days!
  6. that's what I was thinking!
  7. Sorry to hear that. You should definitely expect a perfect bag. Keep returning until you get a perfect bag.
  8. I agree that your new bag should be absolutely perfect (especially at these prices) when you walk out of the store with it. You should return it and get a store credit. I do feel bad for your DH because he was trying so hard. Maybe if you get a store credit you can take him with you to help pick a new one around Valentine's day or something? Be sure to give him lots of kudos for his good work on the initial bag! What a sweetie!
  9. ^^^I agree! I would definitely return the bag asap and get the store credit. You shouldn't have to wait and be in limbo.
  10. You deserve to be 100% satisfied. I'd def. return!
  11. Definitely! I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you...there's really no excuse! You should be 100% satisfied in every way when spending that kind of money!
  12. First, I must say you have such a darling DH for getting you a great bag!
    Next, I have to say I emphatise with you. Your Chanel bag should be perfect with no nicks/rips. Return it. You shouldn't feel bad about that because you should be getting a perfect bag brand new. It's frustrating but worth the wait when you do get the right bag. Hang in there!!!!
  13. I'm usually at BV forum but have been a Chanel collector for the past 20 years. With high demand and mass production of Chanel purses now, I must say that Chanel quality has gone southward and you can always find some imperfection here or there on many brand new purses. But no matter what, you deserve a purse that you truly like, especially it's from your DH. Don't hesitate to return it and don't feel bad taking your time to examine the purses closely in the store. It's your first Chanel and you will have so many years to treasure and cherish it.
  14. Your hubby is such a sweet darling. Just let him know that you really and truly appreciate his gesture and love the gift; and since it is from him, all the more you cannot accept it to be imperfect in anyway. He will be truly touched, I believe.

    As for the bag, I would kick up a fuss (as in file a complaint and bang table if need be) if it gets real bad and demand for a new bag, Chanel credit or a full refund.
  15. What a sweet DH you have :smile:

    but I do think you should not accept any bag that has defects, your DH would want the best for you too