So disappointed at LV tonight! grr! arg!

  1. So, me and my husband went tonight to look at the Amarante stuff put aside for me. We get there and they didn't have the cles, that's ok, I can look for that later. They had the Reade PM and my Inclusion Bracelet PM there for me to see. The Reade was beautiful, the color is really out of this world in person and got the info on the special cloth for the fingerprints too, hehe. I decided the Reade PM just wasn't for me, I really do have issues with open, un-zipped bags, and even though I wanted to give it a chance, I couldn't justify. So, I passed (just a personal preference).

    So, I'm all ready to buy my bracelet and I'm looking it over a bit...and I think in another thread with Amarante Inclusion Bracelet today someone said they saw some chipping in the item or something...well, I looked at mine and there, inside the inclusion on the Amarante color area...was a big white chipped area...then a smaller one around another side, and slivers of it around the circumference of the sides, a lot of very noticeable glue bubbles, marks, even a chipping and lifted up small gold LV logo was showing...

    I was so sad, this bracelet looked totally messed. I'm really glad I looked, although you could totally see it, Andrew spotted it too, straight away. I showed my SA and she was shocked and put it away and wouldn't let me have a damaged one. It was the last one too and now I have to wait till they get more. I'm going to another LV tomorrow to see if they have it plus maybe the cles there. I hope tomorrow is a better day and I hope today was just a fluke with this piece and they all aren't mostly like that. :push:
  2. Awwww that is too bad Gayle!!! The color is gorgeous though isn't it! I picked up my Reade PM the color!
  3. Aw, that's a shame. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better LV day!
  4. Hmmmm.....sorry to hear that, I guess I may have to reconsider on that amarante barrette !!!
  5. That totally stinks! I'm sure you'll love the cles.
  6. Aww, it's ok! But, I'm sure they aren't all like that, just be sure to check it out fully and carefully as in anything you buy is all. I saw the barette, not up close-close (didn't hold it), but in the case and it was very beautiful, def. still go check one out in person I say :yes:

    Thanks guys, I just hope tomorrow I find a perfect, or a well...unscathed one at least! ;)

  7. aww sorry to hear! here's hoping you get a perfect inclusion and cles tomorrow :smile:
  8. Hope tomorrow will be a better day for your amarante accessories.:flowers:
  9. That is too bad, but at least you noticed it before making the purchase!
  10. Sorry to hear the disappointment. I hope they bring in new inclusions and the cles without any defects for you tomorrow.
  11. I am so sorry
  12. I hope you can get your inclusion bangle soon.
    That would annoy me too.
  13. ohh thats a shame. I am interested in the amarante inclusion bangle aswell and hope this isnt a common problem, its good that we can warn each other here to look out for these things.
  14. it is a good thing that you took a good look at the bangle before buying and not after. i am sure that you will find one real soon!
  15. First of all can I just say that you and your DH are the cutest? So sweet how he is so into you and your LV "habit". I love you two! Sorry about the disappointment....I am sure it was a fluke and you will find a perfect one! Good luck!