so disappointed...and upset!

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  1. so i ordered a cerises pouchette from LV a week ago. there was a problem with my cc billing address (LV said addresses didn't match) on monday the 13th. called my bank (they had the right address), then called LV again. LV said they would call if there was a problem. they never called. i called on the 14th and the 16th to make sure everything was ok because my card had not been charged. they said it was. i called today because my card still has not been charged. they cancelled my order on the 16th!! they said the address still came up wrong again...which is so frustrating because we've lived at the same address for two years! and my bank is very small and's not like it's some computer error.

    not only am i disappointed because i don't get the bag i wanted, i was not treated well at all by the phone reps. except for the first time i called and placed the initial order, i was treated rudely and like an inconvience to i was the one making the mistake...worse yet, today i was treated like i was some kind of criminal because i said forget it, i'll just go to the boutique and get something else. it was very disheartening. it makes me not want to even get my speedy now. *sigh*

    someone please help me feel better. afterall, i do have an extra four hundred dollars now! :smile:
  2. I'm sorry to hear that they were very rude to you. If I were in your shoes, I'll go to the LV store and I would ask to speak to the manager. Inform the manager that you weren't treated well when you had called and that you expected a better customer service than you had been given. Let them know about the address situation as well.
    Don't let this stop this you from getting a Speedy. I promise you will love it. :biggrin:
  3. Sorry to hear about your experience. I had rude SAs on the phone and in the store in NYC. Don't let this deter you from future LV purchases...remember, you deal with a SA for a couple of minutes but the bag will be with you forever.
  4. Since I've been on this forum a couple months now, I've read that the LV SAs are very rude most of the time, so it's not you! Next time, take down their names and ask to speak to a manager. They obviously wrote down the wrong address or missed a detail on your address, idiots! Don't feel bad, just because some SAs have sticks up their arses.
  5. thanks all. :smile: i've never had a problem with any of the boutique SAs. they're always amazingly sweet, even though i never buy anything more than 200 dollars.

    guess i'll just stick to in person. :smile: now i'm just sad i don't get the pouchette...but i'm rationalizing it as it was too expensive for something i'm only going to use as a makeup bag. :smile:
  6. Is your CC linked with your bank? Perhaps they are two separate companies or divisions and may have different addresses. I don't know...just throwing out different possibilities. :sad:
  7. March into LV and buy yourself that Speedy! :nuts: Don't let the rude customer service reps get you down. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to get the pochette, but having that $400 is nice :amuse:

    Feel better! :love:
  8. That's terrible, always remember if you have a bad experience with anyone, name and employee number for future (comment) refernce !

    And if you aren't too scared of the prospect of eBay, they're selling for under retail, so you could still have your cake. ;)
  9. Next time try, I've never had a problem with them at all when purchasing my LV's but there was this one time when they screwed up my order really bad and before I got the chance to cut up they credit me for the shipping and upgraded to next day just for the inconvience and on my next order I was given 15% off. Talk about satisfying the customer.
  10. thanks for all the support guys! :smile:

    i got over being upset and decided to put the money towards a speedy...afterall, i love the boutique SAs and now i can have the bag now, instead of in june or july like i planned. :smile: maybe i will look on ebay...i was going to get a plain pouchette from the boutique eventually, but if the cerises are going for 100 dollars under retail, that makes them the same price.
  11. Huh? How are you getting anything under retail, inquirying and overextended minds want to know. I like the local boutique fine, but I ordered my last purse from Saks (NY) on purpose, because I think avoiding the sales tax is like getting it 10% off, likewise at eLuxury. Also, I've found the SAs at eluxury incredibly nice and helpful.
  12. ayla said in an earlier post that cerises pouchettes are going for about a hundred dollars under retail if you're willing to brave ebay. i live in oregon, so i don't have to worry about sales tax. :smile:
  13. So sorry for bad customer service. I expect much more from them in your expereince.
  14. I'm sorry about your must have been extremely disappointing since you were so excited about getting the pochette. I hope that you end up getting it, or something else that you like soon!