So disapointed with LV


Oct 20, 2007
A few days ago I posted about my yellow speedy. I went to get it changed on Saturday, and was shown several, a lot were very dark too. I found a nice coloured one but there was still something wrong so I asked to see another. The SA (@New Bond St) said he WOULDN'T show me anymore because they are all the same! It wasn't busy in the store at all. He was so lazy! But anyways because I was happy with the colour I left with that one. When I took it home I found that the canvas was REALLY floppy and the leather tabs were floppy and thin and the hardware looked like it had oxidised! The quality was VERY bad, it felt cheap and fake.

So I went to another store on Sunday (Sloane St) to asked for another exchange. The SA showed me about 3, and they were all so dark! I said I wanted to see more, but she said theres no more and kept insisting they are all the same when there was a blatent colour, canvas & leather difference. Then she got her manager and she insisted the same and being very rude so I stood there debating with them. Then the manager told the SA to bring out a load from the stock room for me to choose. SA brought out like 10 ... the lazy cow lied that there were no more. I was there choosing some, and they were all VERY dark, some had really bad stitching, looking like it was about to rip on the handles. I can't believe while I was choosing, they were still insisting their quality was perfect and that they are 'trained'. Well they are definately not trained in customer service, because it was so poor. IMO they both looked so stupid as they were contradicting themseves and eachother. I'm so disapointed in LV. I'm not a VIP or anything and I dressed like a student (hoody + Uggs) that day so that may be why they were so ignorant. Just goes to show how shallow they are. I hate that they think they are so high and mighty just because they work FOR LV.

In the end I walked out with a speedy I was happy with. Now I understand what people mean by quality issues. I've partially given up on LV. I will only go to Selfridges and Harrods LV now. There's such a good atmosphere there and the SA don't look down on you.

OK thats the end of my rant! Thanks for reading guys! And I hope that no one has to go through the same thing!!

Sorry if the thread doesnt belong here :sweatdrop:


Sep 13, 2008
First off I'm happy you didn't give up and left the store satisfied with your final decision. It's so sad how prevalent people report stories of poor service at LV. I had a similar experience with an uneven base of my Pochette Accessoires that required for me to go back and it exchange it. The first rep I dealt with said they ALL LOOKED THE SAME SO THERE WAS NO POINT TO LOOK AT OTHERS. The second rep took the time to let me inspect each myself before exchanging. So you never know who may fall upon. :nogood:


Sep 16, 2008
So sad the hear this! I got my Kate clutch from Sloane street, the SA was really helpful when I asked her to get a few out so I could decide on which colour pattern to get!
but I think it just depends on the SA you get, I do think they Prejudge customers at times! I think if you were a celeb and dressed the same as you did they'd bend over backwards to help you.. its such ashame! you could possibly spend the same if not more than a celeb but they could potentially miss a huge sale because of an SA's prejudgement's and negative attitude! jmho!

As I've said before.. SA's if you don't like the job don't do it, let someone else who would appreciate the job have it instead, that goes for all SA's not Just LV ones!


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Sep 23, 2007
if you nitpick, you will always find something wrong with a bag. :blush: i dont think that the SA's were being lazy. i would be irritated too.:shrugs:


Jan 19, 2009
Dallas, TX
This happened to me the other day. I was just so curious to see what the requierements are to work for LV (galleria) one of my local malls here in Dallas. She looked at me and said "a masters degree is required"! (with an attitude)!
Dec 30, 2008
Las Vegas
new bond street, they're a bunch of XXXXXXXXXXXXX unless you are "dressed up"
Leeds, and Sloane are the best UK shops, unless you get those that are a bit uptight

its sad that they are so rude when they only WORK there
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Sep 25, 2006
Pacific NW
Right now I'm trying to make my retail staff understand that it doesn't matter what the customer looks like, or how long it takes OR even if they make a sale that time as the customer make come back in. Customer goodwill is priceless in this economy and we can't afford to loose even one customer.

I don't understand how LV thinks they can lose customers as I know they're cutting back on SA hours - but this is the way to do it.


Jan 16, 2009
The wonderful world of LV + H
I just don't like how they are rude to "new" customers. I understand their frustration when people come in and request to see 20 different bags and not end up buying anything but those situations are part of the job. Every job has a downfall and they should take that into account when applying and accepting a position at a high-end boutique.

There are some SA's that are just busy busy busy and try to be as kind as possible but there are others who just make you feel guilty you're even shopping there!

To the OP: I'm glad you didn't step down though - you paid so much for a purse you should be able to be happy with it in all aspects.
Jul 28, 2006
if you nitpick, you will always find something wrong with a bag. :blush: i dont think that the SA's were being lazy. i would be irritated too.:shrugs:
I find that, for a luxury bag, the first statement is not acceptable. There should be nothing so obviously wrong as what the OP found with those bags. And as for the SAs being annoyed I never care; I will be as polite as they are but I'd never settle for something I'm unhappy with just so as not to annoy one of them!


Dec 29, 2007
Where the Grass is Greener, USA
Sorry to hear about what happened to you. I guess those SAs are spoiled by clients who come in and spend tens of thousands of dollars at a time without even seeing those bags. And for these SAs, to have to fetch 10 bags just to make one sale is just too much work. What they should understand is that this could be your very first LV of many more to come. Or, perhaps you saved up a long while in order to buy this and you should have the right to go home with a bag that you are 100% happy with.


Apr 3, 2008
Bay Area, CA
It is a luxury item we don't have to buy it we choose to buy it for its reputation of quality and status. So if we choose to spend that large amount of money we expect perfection. Why else can they justify charging 10 times more for canvas coated LV? IMO. But I know I've been there when SA through an attitude it can be discouraging especially when you know you can spend that amount of money else where.


Apr 1, 2008
i'm glad you found the perfect one!
it's strange... i always seem to read about ppl having problems with their bags... stitching or whatnot~ i don't know if it's just me, but i never look twice at that sort of stuff when i buy a bag... maybe i should :P


Oct 20, 2007
Thanks for all your comments! Its nice knowing people feel the same way!

I agree, I'm using MY money on their products, be it something small or big, I want it to be perfect. I'm glad I didn't keep the 'defected' ones because it'd be such an eyesore looking at the ugly thing!

There was no reason to treat me that way or be irritated with me, because I was very polite and patient at first. It was only when they 'lectured' me that I'm wrong and all their products are the same, that i flipped.

OK I'm not gonna lie, one good thing came out of this negative experience is that I got an extra lock lol

Again, thanks for reading!