So...did ANYONE get the silver pochette?

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  1. I've been looking through all the threads and it seems like nobody has posted a pic of their Silver pochette! I've seen so many beautiful gold pochettes...I'd LOVE to see a silver one.

    Did anyone here GET the silver one?? :confused1:
  2. I *think* that I have seen pics somewhere on the forum...maybe bag*snob??
  3. I saw one in person when I got my damier speedy. it was pretty, too loud for my taste though ;)
  4. I have one, but my camera is at work - I'll post a picture of mine tomorrow, my first LV purchase :wlae:
  5. I saw one tonight, very cute...I asked if it was available, thinking of you, but it was sold, and the just weren't letting the person pick it up until after the party.
  6. Please post lots of pics! :nuts: would love to see a pic of the bag on the side...OMG I'm so excited!

    And twinkle.tink thanks for thinking about me :flowers:
  7. oooh, would love to see pix!! I'm drooling over this beauty.
  8. So, here's my very first LV purchase. The Miroir line brought me into the store. Well, actually, my husband brought me in, I didn't think there would be any available, and he convinced me to ask. And here's the silver pochette & Epi Alma that are my early Christmas prezzies. I love my husband. :girlsigh:
    Now I'm already thinking ahead to a Speedy or a Manhattan....

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  9. I'm dying for soemthing new :swoon:
    how much was pochette?
  10. I am picking up my silver pouchette tonight. Will post pictures when I get back.
  11. Pretty!! :nuts: Thanks for posting!
    Pochette is $525 plus tax, alvie223.
  12. doesnt seem very practical. or really that great. like 2 flat pieces sewn together. i dont really get the appeal of this bag for ppl who want it other than as a collectors piece. the gold speedy is the only think from this line i would even consider. i think everyone would agree this line is very hit or miss depending on the person. ppl either seem to love it or absolutly hate it.
  13. I go out a lot and I think this would make a perfect evening bag :shrugs: It seems like some members here are able to fit quite a bit in their pochettes, even I'm quite surprised. I don't really "buy" LVs to collect...ahaha..I wish I had the money to do that. But yeah, you're definitely right about it appealing to certain people...well a lot of TPFers are some of those people!
  14. Heheheheheh

    Sorry, I just can't help myself, but I think I'm in a skippy mood today, because I was so ticked off when I got the pochette out of the box -re the glue.

    Here's my shiney shiney:



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  15. Nice photos WILL get your silver miroir pochette soon:yahoo: