So DHL *might* have done it again!

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  1. Ugh, so frustrating!

    I did a send charge for a Botkier Sophie on December 28th and was told it would take 5 days at the most to get here. So 5 days kind of comes and goes and I call Nordstrom because I never received a tracking number or anything and they had to specifically transfer me to the store I bought it at. It took the woman close to twenty minutes in her back room (or wherever they find what was sent out) to locate my order and give me tracking. She said it should have been received on Friday. So I have heard all the horror stories from you girls with DHL and how terrible they are so I call them and they said that Nordstrom somehow sent my bag via airmail instead of ground which rerouted the bag to some hub of theirs. They said it was Nordstrom's fault and I should call them and have them refund the shipping? Does this seem right and has anyone else had this problem? Should I wait until I receive the bag (hopefully tomorrow) to do anything about it? Thanks for any help, guys.
  2. Rachieface, I am so sorry! I have ordered tons of stuff from Nordy's & never had a problem. The bright side is if something did happen, Nordstrom is really good about standing by their service.
    I am waiting from a package from Nordy's as we speak so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck.