SO/DH/BF/BFF: Something nice for a change!

  1. Like anyone else, I find myself discussing complaints or drama that happens on forums, but I thought it might be nice to start a thread about something nice your Significant Other has done for you- something sweet or thoughtful or surprising! Or even something that a good friend or other person did for you! I like hearing the nice stories, too, so please post! :smile::heart:

    Here's mine:

    1.) I work in an urban inner-city school where the kids rarely show any respect, the parents are not involved in the kids' education, and poor behavior is common. Yesterday, after a long, hard, and EXTREMELY tiring week, I was worn out and not in a great mood. But last period I got a call to my classroom from the office telling me to stop by at the end of the day because there was something here for me. I had no idea what it could have been, and when I went downstairs, I saw that I had received a delivery of a dozen white roses in a vase from a STUDENT'S PARENTS! I almost cried! The note on the flowers said "Thank you for your support for our son Henry." It really revived me a bit and I could only think that this was something that must have been a lot of money for them, and it really showed me that this is why I stay in a school like this- that sometimes I can make a difference for people, even when I don't think I am affecting anyone.
  2. aw that is nice! ^^^ I am sure you are a great and very stylish teacher.

    My hubby is sitting on another continent at the moment while I am still trying to finish my $£%&*(£_ PhD (haha) and he is the most caring, understanding and supportive - even though we live apart for some time now. every evening when we talk I am just finishing the most hidious day with a smile!

    oh, and the other day I walked into my baby's room to find him standing in his bed for the first time - great day!
  3. I came back from a weekend trip with my DH and got home like 2 o'clock in the morning. I was surprised to find my DD(then almost 6years old) still sitting up in her bed. I asked her why she was still up and she told me she was thinking. I asked her about what and this is what she replied. "Mom, I just realized that I am going to live 30 more years after your and dad die. That scares me so much and I'll feel so lonely. I almost cried but I blinked my eyes really fast and kept on telling myself *My mom's gonna live in my heart forever*"
    She went back to sleep but I sat on my bed and cried.
  4. Well, my boyfriend is currently at the laundromat doing a TON of laundry (including dog bedding), so I love him for that, haha.

    I think the nicest thing he's ever done for me was for my birthday two years ago. My two best friends were going to NYC to do internships, meaning I had to spend the summer without them for the first time ever. He bought me plane tickets to visit them. It was a total surprise, and probably the nicest birthday ever! The two friends, as their matching gift, said they'd cover my dinners and drinks while we were there. It was such a fun time, and made that summer great instead of something to dread.
  5. Aww everyone's stories are so great.

    I think the best thing that my bf has done was cook this amazing dinner one time (grilled chiken, amazing green salad, and baked apples) then finished it off with giving me a book called "I love you this much" and eventhough its a children's book it was amazing.
  6. I LOVE that book!!!! :love: :girlsigh:
  7. I had my wisdom teeth pulled out a few months ago. I was one of the unlucky ones. The teeth were impacted and caused an infection. And after the Surgery I got dry socket. I was in PAIN. Even the pain pills the Dr. gave me want really helping.

    On day two my BF comes comes with a small NM bag. Inside was a box of Godiva Chocolates ( his idea of a joke) I could have KILLED him cause chocolate is my favorite and of course i couldn't eat anything. After laughing at my reaction ( and probably fearful for his life), he goes back outside and comes back in with a huge NM bag. Inside: a Black YSL Muse.:yahoo:

    I was in shock!! Obviously it took my mind off my teeth for awhile. And It really meant alot to me because he normally DOES NOT support my purse habit.
  8. My husband is wonderful anyway but I will never forget this:
    I got home from work one night at 11-30, freezing cold, every bone in my body aching and I was starving. As I walked up the hallway towards the kitchen I noticed a strange soft light. I walked in the kitchen and the dining table was set with flowers, candles, my best crystal glasses and dinner ware. I stood there with my mouth hanging open.....I looked around and there he was hiding in the corner, a huge smile on his handsome face. The next thing I knew I was sitting down to the most wonderful meal of lobster and drinking my favorite wine with my sweetheart.:smile:
  9. My SO always does nice stuff for me, but I wanna share something that he did nice for someone else yesterday. We were on our way back home (one a three hr. drive) and it was snowing really hard, and we saw an older lady pulled over on the side of the road. My SO pulled over, and asked her if she was okay. She said she had a flat tire. He helped her put her spare on and stayed w/ her until her kids arrived. I thought this was sooo sweet. I almost cried while I was watching him do all of this.
  10. Ahh! I love that book. I got that for my boyfriend on our first v-day together and read it to him. Such a sweet book. :heart:
  11. I know this sounds really small but it was much appreciated. Folded all the laundry WITHOUT prompting at all! Woohoo!
  12. I love when my bf cleans dishes without me begging him.
  13. my bf took care of me when we were in sick in another country. he bought the groceries, did the laundry, and made sure i was comfortable since i was sick for about a week. funny thing is while i was trying to get better, he gave me dinner which lead to food poisoning so i was hurling the whole night lol!
  14. I am so lucky to have MANY stories....but here are my favorites:

    1. Hubby totally took care of me while I came down w/ strep on one of our first vacations....I had never been so sick. He did everything. Always made sure I was comfortable..etc....

    2. On my 40th b-day last year, he paid for a party for me and my 6 of my girlfriends...dinner and a gift card to the movies too!! It was a total surprise!! He's into surprises in general which always makes me happy!! :yahoo:


  15. Awww!!! These are all such sweet stories! This one was especially very touching! :crybaby: