So depressed!!

  1. Hey girlies,

    Well I have been pre-occupied with many "life" issues. Some of you know that I am going to have to go through with IVF, so I have been just dealing with that stuff. Anyway, I haven't been on here much and have been missing my purse talk :yes: . I also have decided (with much hesitation) that I am going to return my Cornflower Twiggy to NM. I am in need of the moola so it is the only bag I haven't used. Kinda depressing. Do you guys think I should keep it or return it? Is it a color that will be worth more later? Just wanted to get some opinoins of what I should do.
  2. awww how sad :sad: i'm sorry that you have to let go of your twiggy! if you need the money, though, i'd definately return it. balenciaga has done so many beautiful blues over the years that, imo, cornflower isn't going to be one of the ones that will turn you a profit later. i hope everything goes well with IVF!
  3. Hey hun! Hope the IVF is going well! Hmm about the cornflower.. I would return it if you're not using it. No point keeping a bag if it's going to be in the back of your closet.
  4. giggles, sorry again to hear about what you have to go through. wishing you the best with that...

    if you really need some $, i would sell the bag esp if you haven't used it yet. i am not a huge cornflower fan though, so maybe it's easier in my mind to 'let go of it'. but i always feel like if you haven't used it yet, it is often a sign you probably won't. good luck either way!
  5. Oh my dear, first off - HUGE huge HUGE hugs. We are here for you. Second, if you need the money - I would definitely return it, especially since you haven't used it. I think your collection is just SO incredibly amazing, it will be just as perfect without it.
  6. Hope you are doing well, we have missed you here!
    Return the cornflower and get it off your mind, there will be many, many others in the future. :yes: :smile:
  7. hey giggles! i've been wondering where you've been!!! ***hugs*** i hope the IVF goes well!!! fingerscrossed!!!
    you know, if you really need the money then return your twiggy! i'm totally sure there will be MORE amazing colours in the future!!!!!
    i say, just look after yourself in the mean time and worry about the bags later!!!
  8. Sometimes we have to put aside smaller gratifications for bigger/longer-term goals, and this sounds like it might be one of those situations. It's not easy but I don't think Balenciaga is going to go away anytime soon, and there will always be another beautiful color to covet. :graucho:
  9. good luck and don't worry about the bag, there will definitely be more blues later and you don't need the stress of worrying about money on top of everything else!
  10. I agree with the other posters...there'll be many more beautiful blue Balenciagas...return it without stress or regrets.

    Best wishes to you, giggles :flowers: :heart:
  11. Good luck with your IVF. I hope it all goes well. Now about your bag .... if you really need the cash by all means return it. If you can afford to keep it I say keep it. It is such a fabulous color. It's a shade of blue that can be used all year round. Most of the blues have been either spring/summer or fall/winter colors IMO.
  12. If you need the $, return it! You can always try to find that color again later. I am one of the (few) people here who believe the cornflower color will only get better with age and for that reason, the bags in that color will be desirable in the future.
  13. Thanks girls!! Yea I agree. I have been using my Ink and never got around to my cornflower. I guess that means that I am not "crazy" about it :smile: I def. need the money more :smile: Thanks for all the encouraging words. We will be starting the process very soon and it doesn't sound like it will be fun. Because I have PCOS I am more prone to getting sick with shots and implantation. I guess I will be home lot's to post on here :smile: I am going to return the bag this weekend. :smile: Will keep you guys updated!
  14. Big hugs to you! (((((giggles))))) I hope everything goes ok with your IVF. As for your cornflower, I think you should return it esp if you are not using it very much. As for the color, I'm not sure if it will be worth much in the future. It's a gorgeous color, though. Good luck and warm wishes to you!
  15. Lots of (((hugs))) to you, giggles!! Good luck with the IVF, and keep us posted!