So and ZCP got stolen from my Eva clutch

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  1. I don't want to get into details as to what happened cos it's still too painful to recall but basically, I was in a crowded place 2 nights ago and I was carrying my Eva clutch cross body with my iphone and ebene zcp were inside it. Next thing I knew, I checked my Eva it was already unzipped with my iphone and ZCP gone! :crybaby: I'm weeping more for my phone as I have a lot of precious photos/videos of my children in it that I haven't stored in my PC :sad:

    So now, should I buy another ZCP to help me get over this incident? I don't even feel like using my Eva anymore as it will remind me of this incident. Right now, It's on the floor untouched since I got home from the devastating occurrence and looking at it kind of makes me feel sick. My phone has been replaced now but I can't help but feel so much loss over my ZCP which was even hardly used. aaaaaaah I really hate these criminals!!
  2. So limited edition graffiti zcp was stolen along with my purse. I know how you feel!!!
  3. That's awful DisCo! These dodgy criminals are so brazen these days. I think you should wait and see how you feel, Poor Eva maybe needs to be packed away until you feel ok to use her again. So sorry about the lost of your video/photo's, nothing any of us say will probably make you feel any better about that.

    Do you like the ZCP in any other colours? If it was me I wouldn't want the same because every time I used it I'd get angry and upset.
  4. So sorry. Those thieves are losers! Replace the zippy with something better and try to forget about this incident. :hugs::hugs: Don't let them steal your joy.
  5. OH OMG Disco I am so sorry. Back in March I had my entire bag stolen from me and I lost it all! Money was stolen from my bank account and everything.

    I know how you feel. You know what made me feel a little somewhat better....... a new wallet and bag!

    Still to this day I get sad about what happened but there is nothing I can do.

    Again I am so sorry.
  6. Oh DisCo. :sad:. I am so sorry. I hate how a few awful people can really ruin everything. I would probably replace the ZCP and put eva away for a bit. Can you get ZCP in pomme or epi electric or something equally fun?
  7. I'm so sorry. My iphone was stolen in July and it was horrible. I think you should get a new zcp. Hopefully that'll help ease the pain.
  8. I am sorry that this happened to you. As for the ZCP, maybe replace it whenever you are emotionally ready.
  9. Oh noooooo, sorry to hear this happened to you! I call criminals like that the 'Parasites of Society,' and they are. It wasn't Eva's fault, so I hope you are able to use her again. If it were me I'd have to replace the ZPC or else I'd keep thinking why I don't have it and that would make me more upset! :sad:
  10. Oh that totally, totally sucks!! I am so sorry that happened to you. If it were me I would probably buy a new wallet in a different style just so I did not think about it all the time. I probably wouldn't be able to carry my Eva for a while either. Did you cancel all of your credit cards?
  11. So sorry to hear that, I feel your pain. A few weeks ago my sister in-law's gucci wallet was stolen from her Damier ebene Neverfull MM (which we bought at the same time). She left it unattended for 1 min while trying on an outfit and it was snatched out from her neverfull. The wallet was returned the next day minus the cash and change. Try to forget about the whole thing and pur eva away for a few months pehaps you'll be ready to see her ...TIME HEALS!
  12. I'm soo sorry this has happened to you. :shucks:
  13. wow, im sorry to hear that. i hope you feel better soon. if you decide to reinvest in another ZCP, i would get another pattern as the ebene might bring back memories as well
  14. Im so sorry to hear that! This just happened to me 3 weeks ago too before I came back to the US.
    I went shopping with my Neverfull MM, leave it unattended for 1-2 mins and came out to find out that my Marc Jacobs wallet and my Car key was stolen. Thank god that they can't find my car, so they just dropped it and someone later give it to the information counter.
    But the wallet it self, just gone forever :sad:

    I would put the Eva away for a few months and would buying the new zcp :P
  15. I am so sorry to hear that! I would replace the ZCP with something awesome! :smile: