So depressed, my parents just told me our dog ran away

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  1. I'm sooo sad. I was talking with my mom and I asked how our black lab was. She then exclaimed "oh, you didn't know?!" and told me how he got away :sad: Apparently my brother and his friends came over to my parents house MONTHS ago and they let themselves through their gate and our doggie got out. :sad: The next day they looked for him all over the neighborhood and called his name but they didn't find him.:crybaby:I'm sooo heartbroken. My mom said they didn't tell me because they didn't want me to feel bad. But now I do know and I feel horrible. I always tell my husband about how smart our dog is and all the funny things he did. I'll miss him terribly. :crybaby:

    I just pray that somebody with a loving heart found him and is taking care of him now.

    Thanks for letting me vent:heart:
  2. awe... i'm so sorry for your loss. i hope your doggie's okay.
  3. How horrible. Did they check the shelters and rescue groups? I have two labs and I understand how you feel. They are the most loving dogs.
  4. (((frannita))) I'm so sorry about your doggie...perhaps someone picked him up and has given him a new home?

    :heart: Sending good thoughts your way, hun.
  5. I am sure he is fine. A kid picked up a neighbor's lost dog a few years back and intended to keep her. It was just luck the dog got back home again. On the other hand my sister's cat decided to changes homes on his own. The stinker just moved into another house down the street. He was a prince and did not like sharing the humans with two dogs and his mother!
  6. Aww, sorry to hear about that. I would be so heartbroken if my dog ever ran away but luckily she knows how to get home on her own (she usually walks us home when we're out for a walk)- anyway... did you guys check at the vet or local animal shelters? Someone may have picked him up and brought him there. If you guys ever find him, which I pray that you do - I suggest getting him micro-chipped. Vets and animal shelters have machines where they can scan the pet for a micro-chip and then they can look up your contact info.

    My brother's ex gf's dog ran away once and we looked for him every where. Luckily, a very nice lady was on her lunch break and saw him sitting by a hydrant without a leash or collar so she dropped him off at the groomer's and stopped by the vet's office to let them know that she found the dog. The vet recognized him and called her up.

    Good luck and I hope he comes home soon. :flowers:
  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words, it really helps :heart:

    I've been so down these past days but today was the worst. The car next to mine had a black lab looking out the window at me while we were at a stoplight! :crybaby:

    I'll be calling my mom later so I'm telling her to check the nearby shelters but I'm feeling doubtful since it's apparently been a few months since he's ran away. My mom thinks someone has taken him in as a pet so if we won't ever find him I just hope he's happy and having fun!
  8. Try putting up flyers around your neighborhood, in pet stores, etc.

    Thats what I did when I FOUND someone's dog, and it totally worked!!

    Good luck :smile:
  9. Oh no~!!!
    I'm so sorry this happened to you and your family! I hope your dog is found soon... but this happened quite a while back.. so I hope your dog is still safe!!