So Damier Mini Sac Hl!!!

  1. that's adorable!!!
  2. by the way, I thought SO items should have special date coe..

    can someone show me their SO date code??
  3. ^ I didn't know this, as soon as my mezzo comes in I can check but lucci bag has one.
  4. Ahhh.. sooo cute ! :yes:
  5. Aww.
  6. Great look forward to see it..
  7. That is too cute and I'm not even crazy about Damier
  8. I was looking at this too...its so cute :love:
  9. do u guys know what im going to do?

  10. Go rensky..go rensky.:yahoo: :party: :party:
  11. Go rensky!!!
  12. Uh oh:wlae: Go get em girl this would be tooo cute with all your damier:nuts:
  13. hmm.....i was thinking about this a year ago..............but...i dunno, it doesn't really seem practical!! (i do have a wapity~!) but very very very tempting :graucho:
  14. You have a damier wapity, I was told no SO's in the wapity!!!