SO Damier Cabas Piano?

  1. i saw a girl with a damier cabas piano last week and i'm in love!! :heart:
    i know that there are damier cabas mezzos out there but does anyone have the piano? i love it! i wonder if lv will come out with it like they did with the speedy.
  2. Some people on this forum, have special order damier cabas pianos.
  3. They have that now??? I want one! I've been waiting for them to make Damier Canvas in the BH too!


  4. They have been doing it for while for damier line..

    May be you should consider Hampstead, it look like BH/BV but in damier pattern.
  5. alot (not me) have the damier mezzo...Selena has one, Iluvbags has one (I think), and Luccibag has one...

  6. I've been thinking of special ordering the Cabas Mezzo in Damier - however I haven't seen the Hampstead - and can't find it online do you know where I can see one online? Thanks!
  7. I have one and it is one of my favorite LV bags. I LOVE IT!!!
    I know someone who is selling hers and I can't understand why? She waited so long to have it special ordered. I will NEVER even think of getting rid on mine.
  8. I saw the SO Damier Cabas Piano when I was in Hong Kong and it was HOT HOT HOT.
  9. i think i'm going to have to start saving to get one. i have a mono mezzo which i love but i think i'm going to have to get a damier piano!!
  10. jessjulesmom: i forgot to ask you what the inside lining on the damier piano is? is it red textile?
  11. thanks, fasionista!! i saw those but they don't really appeal to me that much. maybe i'll change my mind when i see them IRL. lv seems to come out with so much new stuff it's hard to keep up! i remember 10 years ago it took forever for new styles to come out.