SO Damier Azur Papillon 30.. Possible?

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  1. Hi! I just want to know if I can make a Special Order of a Damier Azur Papillon 30.. I just called my SA and she told me that it would usually take 1-8 months before they can confirm if it's possible or not.. I can't wait that long just to confirm! :sad: I just want to know if it's possible and if so.. How much will it cost me?? Any suggestions... Thanks!
  2. I don't know if it's possible, but it would be so great! A few days ago, I saw a fake azur papillon on eBay and it looked fabulous!

    Good luck!
  3. Up to 8 months just to confirm whether or not the special order can be placed seems a bit strange! I hope you hear back from LV in less than a month as to their decision! Hope it works out for you!! Sounds very pretty!
  4. Im 99% sure that you can't yet because Azur hasnt been out for 2 years. Once a line has been out for 2 years, then you can try to SO something. Good luck!
  5. Nope the line is too new.
  6. 8 months are too long for waiting
  7. :true:
  8. thats quite a wide range there 1 to 8 montsh just to make a decision, I don't think they 'd do it yet it's still a littel early but if they do your looking at approx 30% mark up on the damier pap price
  9. oh.. ic!! haha now i know.. so i'll order na monos and damiers first on my list.. BTW, when did the azur ligne went out??
  10. The Azur line was launched in late 2006 if I'm not mistaken?
  11. OOOHHHHH! That would look amazing!!!! If you can get one, maybe I will want one too!!
  12. ^^ WOW! That's very informative John! Thanks again! Well i guess I have to wait for 1 more year before I get an Azur Papillon 30! LOL! And I never knew that the Azur was sooo new too! I thought it was out a long time ago! (newbie me.. LOL!) Thanks again!
  13. quite late too wasn't it around november or something?
  14. It was in november. Either it's celebrating its anniversary this weeken or one of the coming weeks.
  15. I think the SA meant that long for it to be made. Usually LV gets back to you within a week or two regarding the S.O. approval or denial. Good Luck!