so cute...

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  1. Oh I love that in the white leather!!!!!!!
  2. I think so too...with the black trim.
  3. Are those in stores yet??
  4. I really like it!! I would love to have a lilly or something like her, but it is trouble for me to get a bag with lots of pockets! I end up putting too much in her.
  5. I love this in white - I just wish it were bigger. :girlsigh:
  6. That is so cute! Too bad it's too small for me (won't even fit my wallet). :sad:
  7. I love the khaki/white combo. I need more in my life.
  8. it's adorable but i wish it came in black/black
  9. I really like that bag! I love the slouchiness-look of it. The white leather is very beautiful!