So cute, So pretty and SO HAPPY!

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  1. Added a few goodies to my closet in 2016......

    So...what is So cute???? How about these PM rodeos in celeste, Rose azalea, and Feu? IMG_6244.jpg
  2. Hi hopiko!
    I am so excited to join you in your reveal! These rodeos are indeed cutie-pies!
  3. Love these cuties!!
  4. CSGM.... IMG_6107 (1).jpg What is SO pretty? Cashmere silk GM...Panther Pardus IMG_5937.jpg
  5. #5 Jul 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
    How about this kelly long wallet in chèvre rose lipstick with GHW??? (Modeled by PK the cat!) IMG_6257.jpg
  6. Yay! So happy for you very beautiful H pieces
  7. So PRETTY!!! (I can see why you are so happy!) Love your shawls and wallet, too!
  8. Now, to keep it new little cutie first K25...retourne cobalt in togo with ghw...I love this size! IMG_6111.jpg
  9. For those interested in the size of the cute little Kelly is the wallet with the bag... IMG_6260.jpg For those interested in the size of the cute little Kelly is the wallet with the bag...
  10. WOW!!! She is a BEAUTIFUL COBALT baby!!! Your reveals are spectacular!
  11. #11 Jul 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
    And finally...what made me SO 2015 SO arrived! She came out even more beautiful than I imagined. Meet my new love...Miss Icy Blue...B30, togo, GHW, Bleu Glacier with Bleu Atoll lining and Bleu Paon stitching...I LOVE this bag!!! IMG_6478.jpg IMG_6481.jpg IMG_6483.jpg IMG_6484.jpg IMG_6482.jpg
  12. Thanks! I covered most of the colors I wanted...they are so fun!

    Hope you came back to the favorite by far!

    Thanks, LB! I am glad I can share with you as I love all of your reveals and H goodies!
  13. I love this SO! It's got understated elegance, so classy!
  14. Your reveal is so amazing!!! Wow! Congratualtions!!
  15. Thank you bertrande! Bleu Glacier is a wonderful, neutral. It can read gray with blue undertones or pale, icy blue! I do not have any pale colored bags so this was a perfect addition for me! As I stated, the combo came out far better than I had imagined! Thank you!!
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