*So Cute*...Mini Speedy keychain

  1. Cute, but it's the price of a Speedy! I think it's overpriced.

  2. yes, that is alot for a little tiny speedy.....
    it could be for Louis Vuitton Barbie Doll :roflmfao:
  3. Cute, but I would rather have actual Speedy is I am going to spend that much. :yes:
  4. I agree, it is cute but I would rather have the actual bag!
  5. One sold for less than half that price the other day.
  6. Does KK fly to Paris just so she can take photos of her bags in front of the tower? :lol:
    Cute keychain though... :love:
  7. She has some great things! Many VIP gifts, but I don't wanna pay the amount she wants.
  8. Lol she lives in both Paris and NY.
    And I love those keychains..they're so cute and different. You definitely wouldn't see just anyone with those.
    I know you can have other styles made (Almas, etc.) at the Champs Elysee store but those were made especially for the re-opening.
    So cute :heart:
  9. cute but WAY too much.
  10. sooo cute omg i want...but not for $500....
  11. I can't believe that thing is going for $500!!! I mean it's cute but come on....
  12. That's pretty crazy pricing - If I wasn't at the opening, then it would have no meaning for me.
  13. That's a bit much for a mini speedy!
  14. I completly understand your reactions! It is a whole lot of money :wtf:

    But then again, I guess you can't compare this to a bag in a way. It's sort of not in the same category of goodie to buy. It's rare and limited.

    Good example (but extreme!): You can buy a Picasso and with the price of the Picasso you can buy a house. Pretty extreme I know, but some people are just collectors and like rare things.

    Example #2 (still extreme but I love him!) : My boyfriend is crazy for rare sneakers, he recently bought a limited pair of nike for $1500. They actually cost $90 when they were in-store. It's just how bad do you want it (but boy, was he :biggrin: smiling :biggrin:when he got them though )