So cute I weep

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  1. My public library recently started a program called "Read to Dogs." It's designed so young children can practice reading!!

    Can you even imagine?!? Adorable! :yahoo:
  2. That Is So Adorable!
  3. Based on the title of your thread:

    I was very very sick recently. Bedridden for 3 days due to high fever. Some days I dont even get up to eat at all. It was just Coffee and me at home.

    I think he can tell that I am sick. He would sleep next to me in bed (which he normally does not coz he finds the bed too warm) and several times when I was conscious for a few seconds, I opened my eyes slightly and could see that he was sitting next to me staring at me. It's as if he was keeping an eye on me and making sure that I am OK.

    Also, he kept licking me on my face during that period of time. Dogs lick themselves when they get injured or something. I think he was hoping that I would recover faster with his licking.

    Coffee is jus so sweet and cute! Such a baby! ;)
  4. I've heard about a program like that in my area. It helps the children who have reading problems, because it's beneficial to them to read out loud to someone that they know isn't judging them.
  5. That sounds like a GREAT idea. Kudos to whoever came up with that.