So cute I couldn't help myself, so...

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  1. brought back a mini veneta in eclipse over the weekend. isn't it just the cutest thing?
    BV mini veneta.JPG
  2. Congrats! It's really cute! I wonder how much it can hold?
  3. adorable! congratulations! please post photos when you get her "stuffed" with stuff....
  4. Cutest thing ever! :tender:
  5. That is quite cute, congrats! I saw my first mini Veneta IRL, Saturday at Marios in Seattle. That one was a mini pleated Nero. What do you use it for ACA? Nights out?
  6. it's a very pretty color. how big is a mini? any modeling pics? pretty please :graucho:
  7. thanks everyone - now you know why i couldn't resist?

    doloresmia - actually, the picture is of the mini with stuff inside, so it doesn't really bulk up since it holds such a limited number of items anyway!

    jburgh - i currently use the mini as a lunch bag. there's just enough room for my wallet, mobile and some pocket tissues. it's also great as an evening bag, and i remember a fellow tpfer posting action shots of her lotus mini veneta.

    daluu - sorry, haven't had the time to take action shots yet. approximate dimensions are 23cm x 21cm.
  8. Oh, wow, congrats, armcandyaddict, the combination of Mini Veneta and the colour really is cute! Screams for Action Pics!
  9. Many congrats ACA, I'm sure you will really rock this bag! The colour is TDF.
  10. Very cute, love the color!
  11. Great colour...and so cute. Congrats
  12. It's adorable!
    Is the mouth opening large enough to take things in and out of easily? I was contemplating one lately but have been dissuaded by many. Could you post modelling pictures? Also, would you mind revealing how much this cost?
  13. What a gorgeous red! Such a perfect fall color. Congrats.
  14. ACA, welcome back! Love all of your new purchases!
  15. Yay ACA, you scored the cutest!! I played with the one in maple with tiger print the other day and it was so hard to put it back.:biggrin: