So cute ! Coach Parker Op Art

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  1. Coach Parker Op Art Style #: 13247

    I am searching on ebay and look what I ran across this bag is adorable.. anyone know when it will be released and where I can get it?? the style # is 13427 I want it!! I Wonder how much it will be her price seems high!

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  2. Its due to be released in March but, I believe that you can order it from any boutique or Jax. If you order from a Boutique, they normally waive the shipping cost.

    Retail $298
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm...that style of shoulder strap needs to grow on me.
    I'm not feeling it. Yet!
    Maybe I just prefer a more tailored look or something.
    But, it's nice.
  4. Not feeling the siggy either, but I may be inclined to get something in the leather sand/silver combination.
  5. The strap is very different! The bag is so cute though!
  6. Very cute bag, love the colors. I just wish it had a zippered top.
  7. this bag is SO pretty, I love it...I hope these become the new Carly's.
  8. For some reason I think I saw this same bag at Dillards. I am going this evening and I will let you know.
  9. I like the bag, i just don't like that the closure has only one magnet. I was it at macys last week and it's looking pretty nice IRL...
  10. I like the handle, I think it looks very soft, but I wonder if it would wear well or become stiff & crack?
  11. This is one of those bags that I'm going to have to see in real life to get a full grasp of it. Could be really cute.
  12. So cute can't wait to see more from this line!!!
  13. Not a fan here of the op art sig. I like the style of this bag though!
  14. I have been looking at Coach lately. Don't have anything in the brand except some loafers. ( I have all the other high end designers) I was thinking of the Parker or the Sabrina. I like the structure of the Sabrina but it bothers me the handles are not longer, as I would like the option of wearing it on the shoulder. What's a gal to do?
  15. I had this bag a few years ago and it was stolen from me. I absolutely LOVED this bag. It was the perfect size and fit so comfortably on my shoulder. The leather was so soft! The only thing that I would have changed about this bag would have been for it to have a zipper instead of a magnetic closure. After it was stolen I got the Sig Duffle 15067, but I still dream about the 13247 and watch them on eBay.