So curious: What is the D-Ring on the front of Amanda?

  1. Do any of you MJers know what the large D-ring on the front of the Amanda bag is for? Maybe nothing, maybe a key clip (but ihh). Or do any of you who have one use it for anything ever? I sometimes put my sunglasses hanging off it!!

    I attached photos for reference.

    Do any of you dislike this design feature?
    Marc-Jacobs-Amanda_MJ-Dream-Oscar2.jpg Marc-Jacobs-Amanda_MJ-Dream-Oscar_front2.jpg
  2. key clip is a good idea, although I wouldn't do it! I have one on my Polina, and just thought it was there for decorative purposes. I would say scarf, but it looks so much prettier tied onto the strap.
  3. Maybe a tiny scarf.

    I think it's decoration, too, but it's funny.
  4. It's decoration. I think he has other bags with that ring too.