So Cool Leather Durability?

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  1. I am wondering if those who own any bag in so cool leather can comment on the durability and if it stays pretty clean, etc. I am thinking about buying but have never owned a so cool bag. It is lighter than the normal calfskin, correct?

    Thanks, any comments appreciated!
  2. So I found some threads by searching tpF using google (strange that my tPF search didn't turn up the threads). anyway, seems that the darker colors show scratches easily but lighter colors not so much. Is this correct?
  3. Hi! I have an ivory Blake in the so cool leather and it has held up very well. I've had it for almost a year and used it a lot. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks Katheryn! I ended up buying the bag, I need to do a reveal now!
  5. Congrats!