So Cool!! Julian Beever's 3-D Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

  1. P.S. My kids loved it!
  2. i saw that
    ! its really incredible!
  3. I love him, i think his chalk drawings are soooo fantastic, I wish I could see one in real life
  4. Oh I've seen these before, absolutely amazing!!!!
  5. Truly amazing :nuts:
  6. Those are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. cool stuff!
  8. Those were incredible...thanks
  9. wow that is cool! Wish I could see one irl!
  10. So Cool!!!
  11. Didn't check the video, but I've seen his stuff before and he's amazing!! I couldn't believe the actual scale of the drawings compared to what's actually seen.
  12. Jen Loves LV - It's really amazing how much work goes into it!
  13. [​IMG]
    [​IMG]That's Julian Beever on the top