So confused

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  1. I received the LV Vernis Reade MM in the mail today and I was soooo excited. I opened it and was ooohing and ahhhing over it. I took a look at the marks and they were pretty noticeable but I didn't mind that. What I do mind is that there are 2 coins in the lining and I have no idea how it got in there and I have no idea how to get it out. Short from the smell of smoke (my poor baby!), everything is great except for the coins. I'm a little confused and ticked off cause I don't see a hole or opening that the coins can get into the lining. I can't get it out! I've searched everywhere! I'm still getting over the couple black spots on the bag (I have no idea what will make it come off, I doubt anything will) when I noticed the jingling. That - I cannot stand. Any input ladies?

    P.S. It's airing out right now. For a minute I thought it had to be a fake cause how else would 2 coins be stuck within the lining?
  2. I would take it into Louis Vuitton and inquire about it. I'd also give the seller an earfull !!!
  3. Wow what a bummer !!!

    Where did you buy it ??? If there is no opening, then you may end up making one, or take it to a repair store for a more professinal evaluation. The black spots sounds like ink.
    Really sorry!!!!
  4. I agree with Ayla. If the seller falsely advertised, then that's on them. I would make sure my $.02 is heard!:evil:
  5. Will do. The bottom of the bag is pristine so I thought maybe the seller had it replaced but that would mean LV accidentally left the change in? Now that doesn't sound right. I'm emailing the seller right now. I can live with everything else excep the coins (it's like that one tiny annoying thing on something perfect).
  6. Thanks guys. I thought I may be overreacting but it did put a dent on my wallet when I bought it and I spent hours on eBay and asking questions here to determine authenticity. I will let you all know what the outcome is.
  7. That just seems like too big of a mistake to really overlook. It's like a surgeon leaving a scalpel in a patient !! I guess it may one of those mysteries.. but I would definately just leave it up to the experts.
  8. That's the problem...she can't get her two cents out of the bag!!! :nuts: :nuts:

    Those bags are annoying huh V--V I'll make them smaller....
  9. This is going to sound strange....but here it goes. I have a leather sectional that we bought last year. With it came a leather cleaning and care kit. Included is a little stick (Looks like a kids glue stick) that is used to take out ink. Well, my kids know they darn well better eat or have toys, let alone a pen on that I never had the use for it.

    Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago. On my Oak kitchen table I have tried in vain several times over the YEARS to remove two inch size permanent sharpie marks that bled through paper onto the table. Scrubbing with a scrubby sponge...rubbing alcohol, hair spray( they used to use this in the dark ages when they still put ink price's on canned goods) and nothing worked. So out came the ink remover stick. It said to let it soak for 30 minutes so that it could break up the ink...a little elbow grease later, and voila!! the ink was gone.

    Last weekend I was cleaning a coach makeup bag and it had some foundation that had spilled on it. Estee Lauder Double Wear will not come off of bags, clothing...nothing. Well, it took the majority of the makeup stain out fo the makeup bag! It was black leather, but the foundation showed up just clear as day.

    Anyway....this is the magic stuff:

    Manufacturer: Guardsmen

    Name on tube says "inkremover"

    Above that it has a little logo that says Loving Furniture/ Fenice/Made in Italy. Guardsman leather care in partnership with Fenice

    I hope this helps you, and anyone else who might have a problem with ink spots...or EL Double Wear foundation! :lol:

    I tried to find it online, but this is all I could come up with. This kit has the stick included in it. Leather Kit (4-Pack)&img_loc=8710-00B.jpg&long_desc=Guardsman+Leather+Cleaner+provides+an+efficient+but+gentle+cleaning+for+all+types+of+leather.++Guardsman+Leather+Conditioner+is+a+unique+product+that+places+an+invisible+barrier+between+stains+and+your+leather.++Guardsman+Ink+Lifter+removes+ink+from+finished+leathers.&cat_name=CLEANING
  10. Thanks Bjara! I'll keep that in mind for next time as I do have an update: the seller got back to me and told me that she'll refund me ASAP and to send the bag back. She's not sure what it is and didn't notice it but did hear some jangling when packing it. She thought it might be some part of LV hardware (which would be weird cause I don't see what it would be for). Unless LV Vernis Reade bags have magnetic closure or something....I still think it's coins trapped int he bag mysteriously.

    Looks like I'm going to be posting a couple questions down at the seller watch again. LOL.
  11. :lol: !

    I would definitely bring it up with the seller, kathyrose. She should have pointed it out in the auction, unless she was not aware of it. You paid good money for it, and you expected it to be as described. You did spend a lot of time determining authenticity and making a final decision, so you should get exactly what you want :biggrin: Keep us posted!
  12. I actually don't know if there is anything that you can use to clean off Vernis; it's very sensitive to a lot of things, and I'm afraid that the cleaner will leave marks. Heck, once the dye on my black pants rubbed off onto the Vernis; I took it into LV, and they said that there was nothing that they could do, so I would be careful before trying to remove those spots.
  13. I read somewhere earlier today that someone was reading a magazine and propped it against their Vernis piece. Bad move, the magazine transferred onto the Vernis. :sad2:
  14. Supersaucy, you are 100% correct. I didn't realize that the bag in question was vernis....I thought it was the monogram canvas bad. :sad:
  15. Quick update: Seller refunded money. I am sending hte purse out today with delivery confirm. She should get it by Saturday. Now, I feel kinda like I should wait and see what she finds out what it is but then again....why should I? It almost feels like if it all turned out okay, I should buy the purse still. I'm looking at other stuff on eBay and on eLux right now so my questions is (which may sound silly but I feel kinda guilty) am I expected to repurchase the purse in case it turns out to be coins or magnets and she took it to LV and they removed it? My gut says no but there's this feeling of guilt or somethng.