So Confused!

  1. I sold some Burberry items on eBay such as used baby clothes, accessories and 2 bags. I guaranteed everything AUTHENTIC and even offered a double money back if the buyer receives a fake item. I know, myself that they are all real because I personally own and bought them from a store or burberry online. now, whenever i try to revise my listing due to some typo error, eBay is putting some restrictions. and just today, i was trying to list an item, there was this message saying that i was about to list a fake item and if they prove that it is fake then my account will be suspended. it scared me so i did not list it yet. i know i have no complaints on my items as buyers left me positive feedbacks. im not confuse why does eBay do this thing? can someone tell me how does ebay really works? im a new seller. thanks!
  2. E Bay just put the message on to warn you that IF the item is fake you will get your account suspended. If you are certain the items are authentic then just ignore it and list you items. It would not have said you were trying to list a fake item, but that IF you were there would be problems, so don't worry! The E-bay discussion forums are probably good for you if you are a new seller as there are loads of people on there who will have all the answers you need really quickly. Good luck!
  3. thanks! i was just afraid to take the risk. because of what's happening lately like restrictions on my listing, there was this message too that they have to put a limit in my account.. just so afraid to be suspended without knowing rhe real reason. thanks again!

  4. You can always call Ebay and address you concerns with them---
  5. Or you can always do LIVE CHAT, much easier.