SO confused!

  1. I went to three different boutiques interested in a cotton bag.

    One said that there were all three colors in three different carly sizes except the demi didn't come in the demi.

    The next said that the brown signature only came in the XL carly. And the small carly is really the demi.

    The last said there was no carly in medium and small, and only had large in three colors but the demi again didn't have brown. And if I wanted the small carly I'd have to get the canvas one.

    I thought the medium only came in signature and canvas? Not the cotton?

    :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
    WTF! What is true and what isn't? I didn't think I'd like this ligne so for the last couple of months I'd skim through threads on these but I'm still SO confused! Can anyone shed some light or attempt to separate fact from fiction? TIA! :heart:
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    If I am correct the Medium size Cotton Carly's are only in Dept stores not sold at Coach. Try Dillards, I have a medium Carly just got it in today!:drool:
  3. oh geez, aarti. you're confusing ME!

    i only know what came in jade, because i wanted a medium and they didn't have it.

    have you called cs and asked?
  4. Okay, I'm going to have to reread because what you wrote confused me, lol.
  5. You can ORDER a Medium Carly in the Cotton Sig (Chocolate or Denim) from the Coach Store. might be able to find them at Dillards! Both Dillards stores I went to had the Medium in Chocolate AND Denim!
    Hope this helps.
    Oh, the cotton sig carly also comes in a demi size AND large. SO....the sizes are DEMI, MEDIUM & LARGE (they also have some accessories: wristlet, wallet
  6. I am totally confused by this thread. Can someone translate? I want to help.
  7. I just called to order one for the 800# and ask for style #10794 (med-Carly). Good luck.
  8. so the medium only comes in chocolate & denim, not jade, right?
  9. ^from what i saw in the red book, yes. because that's what i wanted!
  10. aarti...questions?

    Which style and size Carly did you want to purchase? I think we all want to help you...sorry. I did call and order the med-Denim Carly today from cs.
  11. No, I seen a medium demin cotton carly at the Coach store in south coast plaza last night.
  12. i could have sworn that i saw the demi, medium and large in my store in all three colors
  13. I don't think it makes sense for Coach to break things up half to department stores and half to boutiques if it is in the same style/color! I understand different styles for the department stores, but for instance I wanted the cotton chocolate wristlet, and Coach only carries the cotton chocolate in the Carly wristlet. So I had to go to Dillards to get the regular (small) wristlet. It's just weird. You would think that COACH would actually carry all the Coach products!
  14. at several Coach stores, I saw (rodeo, the grove):
    med, large, demi in denim/choc
    carly wristlet, multi func & slim wallet

    at dillards (las vegas) I saw:
    med, large, pouch in choc
    no wallets

    at nord (las vegas) I saw:
    med, large, in denim/choc
    no wallets

    have no idea about jade as i wasn't looking for it.