So Confused

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  1. Hello ladies sorry for the long post.
    After having a baby a year ago April 2nd I’m finally getting my mojo back style wise. I recently purchased the Graceful in DE, a Chanel Wallet on a Chain in black with gold hardware.and the YSL Kate bag in a beautiful brown with gold hardware. In regards to shoes I have purchased LV boots and two pairs of sandals. I also got a pair of Valentino’s rockstud pumps, Fendi sandals, and Valentino Sandals. I’ll do a reveal later this week.

    It’s been a busy three months and am about to make yet another purchase and can’t decide between the Giant Mono Neverfull in red or the Dauphine with mono reverse.

    I have a corporate finance job, a one year old, and am the wife to a football coach (colors red, white, and navy)

    So which bag do I get? I love my mono neverfull but also use my smaller cross body bags a bunch. Please help a confused buyer decide
  2. Dauphine.
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  3. Dauphine
  4. I think the dauphine will be a longer lasting style...
  5. Dauphine :tup:
  6. Dauphine. The giant logo would get old.
  7. Thank you ladies I was thinking if I got the neverfull then I could get the DA Neonoe for the price of the Dauphine bag. My husband likes the Dauphine says it’s a classy bag
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  8. What are you feeling the most? I'd pick the neo noe. I've always liked that bag shape.

    Good luck with whatever you pick. They are all great options!
  9. Nf and neo are my picks
  10. Yes Dauphine is a classy bag and if your “corporate financial” I wouldn’t get the Giant print unless you plan to use it on the weekends
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  11. Thanks everyone I’ve decided to get the Dauphine
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  12. Excellent choice! Was going to say dauphine
  13. Good choice! That’s what I was gonna suggest. FYI there are gentlemen on here too. Lol.
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  14. Dauphine! Can be dressed up or down and it’s GORGEOUS
  15. I am so sorry you are correct there are gentlemen. Didn’t mean to exclude anyone