So confused...what size is this bag?

  1. Hi! Today, I saw what I think is the bow satchel and have decided I must have it (but in nude and the store only had black and white).

    I came here to do some research and learned that there are different sizes (2 or 3?) of the bag. Barneys has the nude available, but they don't list any sizing info. The one I want measures 14 x 10 x you think this one is that size?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Try to see sizes.
  3. I believe there is two sizes..this new season miu miu launched taller one in addition to shorter one
  4. i know what you mean. i fell in love witht hs nag - its in the new Lucky mag- with sara micheele gellar- but i cant tell what size it is. and style drops just didnt help me- maybe im a lillte dumb ;) but if you figure it out let me know, also what is the name of the light color- the pinky beighy one TIA bec im confused too