So confused---what color is 2008 Met. black reissue's hardware?

  1. I saw some of our TPFers get the met blk reissue with gold chain (which I love). But both the boutique and Nordie told me their met blk comes in silver chain, more of a pewter color. I was wondering where did you gals get yours? Might it be the difference between Europe and the US?

    If anyone have the style # for the new met blk with gold chain, please kindly share with me:flowers:
  2. Both of the colors exist for the metallic black.Ask your SA to check around.I've seen both the GH and SH in the boutique.
    Unfortunately I didn't buy either of them so can't tell you the item number...sorry!
  3. I'm pretty sure the black metallic 2.55 was only ever available either in the ruthium (distressed silver) or the silver chain. I've never seen a black metallic 2.55 with gold chain. Only the black distressed calfskin bags have been available with gold chains.
  4. The silver chain on my met black 08 is exactly the same as the silver chain on my dark silver 08.
  5. It appears I am mistaken. The 2008 black metallic will be available in gold hardware as well as silver hardware. There is an auction by Personalshoppers on eBay for a 2008 226 size black metallic with gold hardware.
  6. thanks for the clairifcation:tup:
  7. Thanks Smoothoprter for the clarification!
    Now the question is where they are:confused1:
  8. I remembered a Fer got one in Paris beginning of 2008. I had saved the attach. :
  9. NM is receiving the met black reissues with gold hardware.. I'm assuming this info is correct because my SA emailed me and let me know. Why don't you call your fav NM and ask your SA for more info? HTH!
  10. I just got a call from my SA at NM Newport Beach. They got in met. black with "aged gold hardware". SA's contact info is Cynthia Smith 949-887-3765. Please tell her Lani sent you.
  11. Nordies in Seattle rec'd the 2.55 reissue met. black with "gold hardware" A37587 $2695 Approximate dimensions are 10 3/4"w x 6 3/4"h x 3 1/4"d. I don't know what the waitlist for it is like, but here is my SA's contact info. Peggy Urban 206-628-1253, please tell her Heather sent you.
  12. my SA called me yesterday telling me NM got 50 metallic reissues with gold hardware...and when i called her back 6 hours later she checked the system and there were 29. i passed though :I
  13. Saks nyc is getting metallic black in ruthium (pewter-like color)
  14. I have a leather color question -- what does the black metallic look like in the light? I've never seen it in person and I hope to soon, but I saw a picture and it looked like it had a silver-ish sheen, is that correct??? Does it look the same as patent leather or is there a metallic sheen?