So confused. Only you guys can help!!!

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Which do I have??

  1. Brown Leopard Stole

  2. Pink Roses Stole

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Last week I went to LV to purchase my Roses NF ( which is the most fantastic bag!! ) Whilst there I saw the Brown Leopard Stole. DH knew how much I love it and have wanted it FOREVER!! So, as a suprise he bought it for me. Later he gave it to me and when I opened it the SA had put in the PINK Roses Stole by mistake! (DH took it back and got the Leopard) Now, I hadn't looked at the Roses stole because I already had the Roses Silk scarf. My problem is that as much as I love the Leopard stole , I cannot get the Roses stole out of my head. It was SOOOOO vibrant.

    Which should I have? I cannot justify having both.

    You are just the people to help me as I now you will understand!!!!
  2. I'm pretty sure the leopard will win in your poll, but I prefer the Roses, it just seems more fun, original, and alive!!:heart: Other designers have made leopard scarves, but you don't see roses everyday!
  3. I love both stoles, but would prefer the brown leopard -- it's just so classic, can be worn with anything in any season. I love it!
  4. Get the brown leopard - you have a roses neverfull now ! ;)
  5. I would go with the brown leopard..very classic and timeless
  6. I would buy the roses one, it has really nice colors and goes with your bag and you can use it in summer meanwhile the brown leopard is more a winter scarf
  7. I love the rose!
  8. Thank you everyone. :smile: The only problem is, I agree with you all. LOL

  9. I say leopard, it's just so stunning and I think it will last very long style wise. Also you have the roses scarf already.
  10. I have the brown leopard stole, and I think it is great!
    I just got my roses stole today, but WOW!!!, the pink was SOOOO bright,
    I got a bit scared,because I am not into bright colors,so MAYBE I have to
    take it back....
  11. I'd go for the Leopard too.
  12. Leo!
  13. Brown Leopard Stole
  14. keep the leopard.... its amazing
  15. Definitely the leopard. It is really amazing and classic!