So confused! NM Incircle points vs Saks EGC

  1. I know both events are happening this week and I have a question.

    If I wanted to buy a medium classic flap and don't have a cc at either store (willing to open one however to take advantage of the offers), would it be better to take advantage of the NM in circle deal or the Saks EGC deal?

    I'm having a hard time comparing the two. :wondering

    I'm sure one of you lovely, intelligent ladies can break it down for me which is the better deal :yes:

  2. Saks because the first day you open a Saks CC you get 10% off including Chanel :tup:
  3. I called Saks and they told me that Chanel is excluded from the 10% off.
  4. I would say Saks since with a caviar flap at $1995 and someother small purchase you will be at thr $2000 level. You would get a gift card of $300 I think atv that level.
  5. Overall Saks rewards program is superior. I think the gift card event is better than getting points, if use spend the max (is it $3000) and can get the $450 gift card (that day). That is 15%. (NM does not have a gift card event) For NM you need to spend min $5000 per year and the gift card for that level is $125. I believe Saks rewards program rewards you for points between levels whereas NM you have to meet the next threshold to get more points . . .
  6. opening an account at saks on your first day will get you a 10% discount as Chanel, its valid towards EVERYTHING. i opened one for my GST =]
  7. Hello Ladies, does the Saks gift card have an expiration date? TIA
  8. ITA with this assessment!

    I believe it's 60 days from the date of the event, but I've heard that many SAs will honor the card regardless.
  9. Yes, I believe it's 60 days.
  10. The 10% discount DOES apply to Chanel. I opened my Saks acct just to get the discount on a Chanel bag. The Saks program is much better than NM. Any in my case, I have a NM in my state but no Saks, so if I do a charge-send from any Saks, I do not get charged sales tax.

  11. Hi, Lib, Which Saks did purchase the Chanel from? How come when I called in they told me the Chanel handbags are excluded from the 10% off! :confused1:
  12. I would speak to a handbag SA directly in the Chanel dept.
  13. Oh, thanks for your advice!
    Yes, I called a SA and she said Chanel is included. But since the closest Saks is 3 hours away from where I live, I have to apply the Saks Card online and wait for 10 days in order to receive my credit card. I thought I would receive a credit card number by email, but i didn't. :s

  14. I would call customer service and check about the Acct #. They want you to spend $ so I am sure they would give you your # over the phone or e-mail it to you.....

    Good Luck!
  15. ^^Once you open an account, you should be able to use it right away. Call today to get your EGC plus your 10%.